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  • Jul 12, 2007
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  • Don't forget Firefox. They pushed thsir browser as "the next great thing" and kept the version number below 1.0 for as long as possible to maintain this same type of deniability. "It's the best browser ever! Finally a choice instead of Microsoft! You must, must, must love us! It does web standards! Pour on the love!! We're awesome and everyone else sucks!!!" Um, well it's slow and crashes a lot. "What the hell do you expect, it's not even 1.0!!!!" I wonder how many of today's Firefox fanboys are trashing Safari for doing EXACTLY WHAT FIREFOX DID a few years back.
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    In Memory of Beta Software
  • I have used the System Restore feature in XP and found it to be completely useless. My father-in-law, who knows almost nothing about computers, used it completely successfully. My guess is that the tinkering I did with XP was not sufficiently undone by whatever System Restore does. Some XP updates have uninstallers, some do not. I certainly do not think that you can uninstall something like SP1 or SP2, but I think some of the others are not "un-doable" either.
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    Will Leopard Provide Real Rollback?
  • James: I bought a MacBook + iPod Nano this June at an Apple store with my EDU ID card and got the "Back to school" deal they were offering at the time. Non-Apple software may not be available at EDU prices (you'd better believe they have the EDU version of Mac Office though :-) but Apple's software is the same software, just a cheaper price. There is no EDU discount for Applecare or on the iPod shuffle, or some other things. I'm still pleased with my Airport Express I got for $99 two years ago on Black Friday. Frankly I think that's a more appropriate price than $130. HOWEVER: I had nothing but problems with a refurbished Airport Extreme that I bought from Apple. I had to return it 2 or 3 times before I got one that worked. YMMV.
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    5 Tips For Getting The Best Deal on Apple Purchases
  • What record label, what artist, is ever going to agree to sell its music without DRM? Curse DRM all you want, but it's clear that people have no hesitation to share their non-DRM'd music with anyone they want, so we got DRM. If you don't want DRM, buy CDs. Online music of any significance will always have DRM on it. Cory lives in a dream world. Bark all you want, but there's no chance in heaven or hell that there will be no restrictions on music you get online. That said, Apple Lossless with DRM would be a dramatic improvement over what we have now. If another bigger contender can come along with better DRM which works with more devices, higher sound quality, lets you burn to more CDs, etc, then the iTunes Store will have some competition. Push for something better, not something that will never happen.
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    6 Things I Would Change in the iTunes Store
  • Does anyone know of an affordable (under $200) ergonomic keyboard (mouse optional) that uses Bluetooth instead of USB or IR?
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    How Many People Actually Use Ergonomic Keyboards?
  • err... typo: "they will loose market share" Should be "lose" not "loose' If something is t(oo) l(oo)se is has two: "oo". If something g(o)t l(o)st there's only one: "o" (or at least that's how my 8th grade grammar teacher tried to get us to remember the difference... this may be the most common spelling mistake on the web, although its/it's is close behind which is easy to avoid if you always remember that the ' in "it's" is an "i") TjL former English Major Once and Future Nerd
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    Why Is Vista So Resource Hungry?
  • I would tell you what song is in the help menu but I don't want to be sued by Apple Corp.
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    iSquint Your iPod Video
  • The other part which will never happen: iPod compatible versions. They are already selling new movies "Now on DVD and PSP". Translation: "You WILL buy it twice!" Here's a realistic expectation which might happen: "Widescreen AND Fullscreen versions on each movie." I like widescreen, my wife hates the black bars at the top and bottom. I offered to compromise by buying a 42" Plasma widescreen TV. She counteroffered with "no" (and of course there would have been the bars on the left and right for non-widescreen contant) Some early DVDs had both versions on one disk, but then they went "Oh wait, we could sell these separately!" and that was that.
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    The Next Generation of DVDs Need More Content
  • Indeed. I get an allergy shot every week and have to waste an hour sitting there to make sure that I don't have a reaction and die. So now I can watch The Daily Show while I'm there :-)
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    Thinking about a 5G iPod
  • Chris: that's definitely weird about Opera. Does the file ~/Library/Preferences/Opera Preferences/wand.dat exist?
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    What's bugging you?