Thinking about a 5G iPod

by Hadley Stern Dec 22, 2005

I haven’t bought one yet (after all, I already have way too many iPods!) and I am still trying to figure out how I feel about the newish video iPod.

Video aside the new screen is beautiful to look at, that is for sure.  But apart from showing people how cool the video looks I’m just not sure I’d use it that much. And since I already own a 60gb color iPod I feel like getting another one just for the video is overkill.

I think I’ll give it at least a few months and see what content Apple continues to come out with on iTunes. The more good stuff they release, the more inclined I’ll be to pick up a video iPod.

Anyone have one out there? Like it, love it? Use the video at all? Do tell.


  • I got one a few weeks ago, had a 2nd gen one beforehand.  I’d been thinking about a bigger one, so I could fit my entire collection again, and the video feature finally got me to jump.  I’ve been moving shows from my MythTV box to it using myth2ipod, works great.

    Chris Murphy had this to say on Dec 22, 2005 Posts: 1
  • Ditto here. Got a black 60Gb to replace my Mini. RAWKS. If you want to watch other movies/MPEGs on it, you need to export them out of QuickTime, which is a pain, but it’s just so damned sleek and cool and amazing…

    Weave had this to say on Dec 22, 2005 Posts: 5
  • I bought a Black 60GB two weeks ago. I love it. This is my first iPod and it works fabulously. The video experience is quite immersive, and I’ve missed the bus stop on my commute several times. Exporting videos through Quicktime can be a pain, but it’s well worth it. The sound quality is amazing—even with the white earbuds, although I have a nice pair of noise cancellation headphones.

    I heartily recommend buying one.

    rogueprof had this to say on Dec 22, 2005 Posts: 17
  • Indeed.  I get an allergy shot every week and have to waste an hour sitting there to make sure that I don’t have a reaction and die.  So now I can watch The Daily Show while I’m there grin

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  • Even if you don’t watch video on the 5G “video iPod” at all, it is still worth getting one I feel:

    - it has a beautiful large 320x240 screen so pictures are crisp & bright and many more details are visible, which makes displaying photos or album art that much nicer

    - the large screen also allows more text lines to be displayed, so you can have a longer main menu or see more track titles without having to scroll

    - the Notes font is larger and more readable, the higher pixel density allows for more font smoothing so the text is better formed and less “chunky”

    - blue dots to the left of a name indicate unlistened-to podcasts (a surprisingly useful feature)

    - many other subtle little “I love this” touches sprinkled in to the new firmware

    - thinner, very sexy feel, option of getting a black one

    - it’s just a newer, better iPod…

    dotmike had this to say on Dec 22, 2005 Posts: 6
  • One reason: watching video while commuting or flying.

    Those 3 hour flights to the West coast are much more tolerable watching TV episodes or movies or whatever I’ve put on mine. People are quick to point out that you can watch them on your laptop, but unless you’re working on your laptop for another reason, the iPod is just easier to deal with in crowded seats. Would you rather hold an iPod that’s the width of a deck of cards comfortably, or get your laptop out when you’re squeezed in between two people? I love my iBook, but dealing with video on the iPod is just so much easier when you’re in a crowd.

    Kris Thom White had this to say on Dec 23, 2005 Posts: 18
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