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  • Dec 03, 2007
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  • Hmm.... been having the "not waking from sleep" issue on my MacBook for a few months. Not sure what causes it but it started happening after 10.5.1. Hmm... The Mac mini seems fine.
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    Leopard: Not Quite Right
  • Ahh.... sigh!! .... envy doth raise its ugly head.
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    An Ode to the 30" Cinema Display
  • Fantastic. I have not seen "300" the movie but after reading this I can't wait.
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    300 iPhones
  • I have been a mac user for just over a year now and I just love OS-X 10.4 (Tiger). What got me to switch was the UNIX underpinning of OS-X but what blew me away was the ease of use. I an anxious for what great things Leopard may bring. P.S. What will Apple do when they run out of easy to remember cat names? Ocelot does roll off the tongue (
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    July 14, 2002: Apple Previews Jaguar
  • "I was tired of using external web services (Yahoo Pictures, etc.) to store/share my photos. I want control of my data and I want to share it with whomever I want." Mathew you did not explain how the Maxtor Fusion accomplished that goal and how this differed from services offered by Flickr, ShutterFly etc.
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    Backing Up Is So Hard to Do
  • I for one do not want to watch TV on any screen less than 40 inches. So I would NEVER buy a computer to watch TV. Bad Beaver, not every Mac user is a college kid. For Apple to base it product placement on a small segment of its user base is foolish.
  • Matthew, On #1. I switched to OS-X because it IS UNIX. I disliked Windows and got tired of "managing" my Linxu desktop ( Linux driver support and GUI integration suck ass). OS-X is ( for me ) the ideal combination of UNIX and a useable GUI. At work I spend my day jailed inside a Windows XP workstation with a terminal session open to a Linux server so I can do "real work".
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    WWDC 2007: The Aftermath