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  • DRM free music... wow Apple has removed the Only reason why I refused to continue to use iTunes. Putting all the specifics aside, it's a nice business move.
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    Apple To Sell DRM Music? Say It Ain't So!
  • PC's have come with built in cameras in thier monitors on the desktop and laptop since 2004. --Nuff Said
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    Apple Debuts New 'Get a Mac' Ads
  • worse than a Brown Zune... Which i like by the way. --KOW 1
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    Macworld 2007 - Summary and iPhone Announcement
  • I thought that the big thing that was awesome with the iPod was that it only played music... then iPod Photo came out... then iPod video... now the iPhone. Face it, Apple is successful right now and they are bloating they're products full of useless or "extra" features that dillute the potency of thier products. I'm going to go buy a ZEN Micro, Not the new MicroPhoto, one of the old ones that didn't have a color screen. Because it plays music. --KOW 1
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    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • The iTV thing is too little too late. Media center PC's have been around for ages, (windows xp media center edition anyone); and the iPhone, feels as if it's a catch up to current smartphones(a very pretty and functional catchup). It feels like Apple is releasing Me too products. --KOW 1
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    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • I won't buy it.... not because it is an apple product, but because it has this iTunes integration thingy going on. I hate DRM. But it's about time someone made a good computer phone, I've been waiting for something pretty AND functional to come along for ages. --KOW 1
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    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • I have an ipod mini... I like it. the battery has been dying lately. I want a brown zune. but before I buy a zune I would rather buy a creative zen micro in light blue. the old version that doesnt show pictures and stuff. Why? because I want a freaking music player. nothing more... If i wanted to export video to the TV I would buy a zune, but I don't I just want to listen to my music.
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    Psst, iPod versus Zune is really a format War
  • I will upgrade to vista. That's right... when I get my grimy hands on windows vista ultimate edition I will install it right away. and... ooooh..... It will be just perfect. The ability to interact with every surface as if it's a three dimensional object. The effects, The snazziness, the completely rewritten architecture. Computing will be great. I also like the fact that all my games will work with windows vista right away. It think that it is great that Apple has even given you guys the chance to Run windows on your limited, overpriced, Apple branded PC Hardware. I think it's great they are going to let you in on the most exciting thing in computing right now... besides using graphics cards as scientific calculators. KOW
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    Vista Ain't that Bad, In Fact It's Good
  • OK, so I built my own computer. Ground up. I bought all the parts, assembled the system, partitioned the drives, then installed windows. I installed windows on a six gig partition on purpose. I was to use that partition solely for windows and use diskeeper to keep it defragmented permanently(note, windows defragmentation app is a watered down version of diskeeper). So I have my partition an around 3 gigs used when my system is finished. I installed all my software etc... all was good. But then I got this Windows warning telling me that i was running out of space on the drive. I couldn't understand it, I was saving nothing there and all my applications should save in their respective home directories. Want to know what I found? Quicktime had saved approximately 1.3 GB of folders and subfolders of videos, which I had deleted, in my user accounts application data section. I looked at the settings in quicktime... No place to change this. I just have to periodically delete all the useless files quicktime is holding onto. Out of all the software I put on my system. I have no spam, no adware, but one annoying piece of apple software. Karl Oscar Weber
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    Mac or PC? PC Google Ads Suggest a Mac
  • I'm speaking in general terms. expression is a helper for the windows presentation foundation which I mentioned earlier. which uses xaml and some other stuff. don't need it. Texpression IS just a program that makes the stuff. you he reason why I point it out is that there are VIDEOS of nice UI stuff in action. if there was a video somewhere else... then there you go. XP is not better than leopard. In fact the thing is pretty dang old. EVERONE KNOWS THIS. Vista is the next gen so let's compare these two. Vista's been delayed for years because it looks like Microsoft has learned it's lesson. Don't make buggy software. We will see in when the two OS's measure up to each other when they are released. debating pipe dream features(whether their concrete or not) is like counting your chickens before they hatch. let's see how Leopard measure's to Vista... and Vice versa. wait a second... 1) Mac price cuts 2) Windows jabs(ie Vista 2.0) 3) Core Animation 4) Time machine Apple is preparing for a war. I've seen this before in ati vs Nvidia, AMD vs Intel, etc... There is going to be a major Face off between Apple and Microsoft starting with Vista. I sure hope those "top Secret" features are trump cards otherwise the fight won't be very interesting. KOW
  • Did you watch the videos?
  • Precisely. When you compare apple and their os with all it's bundled products you MUST NOT FORGET Microsoft has 95% of the market and can't do that stuff.
  • IE isn't an integral part of the system. I don't NEED to use IE. OPERA, FIREFOX, FLOCK. I could use these. But hmm.... how am i going to get these if I can't even surf the internet to get them. What I see is that Apple is bundling too much peripheral software with their operating system. Honestly they pretty much had to because the macs market share used to be so low that noone wanted to develop software for it. Still... you see the overall strategies that each company is adopting. Microsoft. They don't need to make all the software that runs on their machine to give it functionality because they work heavily with developers to get things taken care of. (don't give me beef on apple and their developers I know they love them.) Apple. They manage their hardware, the OS, the Primary programs REGULAR people use, and they integrate it as part of the system. yes it's integrated. msn messenger and ichat are just about equally integrated as IE and Safari. MY beef is that Apple's primary focus seems to be improoving the bundled software, instead of focusing on the Core operating system. Claiming that it is superior to microsofts, then adding "revolutionary" features that have been used in other operating systems for almost a decade. Spaces, just a fancier way of doing just what is already being done in linux. Time Machine, Windows had this feature back in 2003. Mail, now it does HTML.... I thought apple said their mail program was more secure becaue it didn't use HTML... switcheroo. Core Animation, yes it is way easy. but how deep does it go? not as deep as Windows presentation foundation, hence the links to the expression designer which allows you to use the foundation to it's fullest quickly. http://msdn.microsoft.com/winfx/technologies/presentation/default.aspx Before you start flaming me actually look at the videos for designer, you seem some rather compelling glimpses at what vista will be capable of graphically. I was impressed. I thought vista was just going to be prettier and a little more secure, but then i saw these video's and i'm like: "holy crap... why hasn't anyone seen this?" Whatever this secret stuff is, it better be good. bottom line. Leopard should be a lot cheaper. Vista should bring windows up to speed with OSX. KOW
  • ok ok ok ok ok... Expression is not part of windows and it competes with adobe. but 1) designer is built to allow you to make awesome UI for Vista 2) in those videos you will see what vista is capable of. But I would also like to raise another issue. Why does Apple get to "BUNDLE" software with their OS? KOW
  • All this apple stuff is fine and dandy but none if it is really new. Especially this Core Animation thing. guess what, Vista's capability is not only better, but easier to program. don't take my word for it look at the video's for the following microsoft beta products. http://www.microsoft.com/products/expression/en/default.mspx pay special attention to the videos for Designer. KOW