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  • May 09, 2007
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  • My all-time favorite would still have to be the Apple II GS. Apple's decision to kill off the Apple II line and focus their energy on the Mac soured me on the company for many years. Your article seems to suggest that hardware is the determining factor in a computer's "wow-ness," and that is likely what sold me on the eMac and on my iBook, but the OS and applications available are even bigger, as far as I'm concerned. In this regard, as cool as the Macs looked on the outside, I found them to be vastly inferior to GSOS; only with OS X did I think Apple finally had another computer worthy of being the successor to the Apple II line. But then again, I thought the combination of a kick-ass GUI when you wanted it and the option to boot to an interpreted programing environment when you didn't was a great thing. I never disputed Apple's ability to create the best in graphic user interfaces, but only when the terminal in OS X finally replaced the Applesoft Basic command prompt on the II GS did I seriously consider using another Apple computer.
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    The Most Inspiring Computer of All Time?
  • I disagree about the SuperDrive. I've got one on both of my Macs, but in all honesty, I have only burned one DVD ever. A fast network connection and a single machine with the capacity to burn DVD's would be more than sufficient for many users; if I had a new iMac, I would certainly not need it to burn DVD unless it replaced bothmy eMac (which I suppose it would) and my iBook (which it certainly would not).
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    Is the New iMac a Mac mini Killer?