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  • Oct 09, 2007
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  • I just wish spotlight would recognize eps files, which I use routinely with clipping paths in layout and design, as the image files that they are.
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    What To Do When Spotlight Isn't Enough
  • Until just a couple of months ago I was still using a 350MHz Blue & White G3 as my desktop at home. I ran Tiger with no problems whatsoever. Contrary to the above, the "smoothness" of OS performace seemed to peak on that particular machine with Jaguar. But Tiger runs just fine on it regardless - just a minor speed hit due to spotlight and widgets. But definitely still usable. Tiger on a 700MHz iMac? That's a no brainer. Absolutely.
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    AAM: Which Cat for 700Mhz iMac?
  • Good post. As for a wish list, just use a shopping cart instead of 1-click buying. I have my shopping cart loaded with stuff I've found that I intend to buy at a later date. You don't have to buy the entire cart at once. Other than that, excellent points, and ones which I struggle with frequently. I hate having to go to Amazon to find out the original release date of the album, not the release date of the CD.
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    6 Things I Would Change in the iTunes Store
  • Oh, yeah. My album art shows on my Nano also. Are you sure you don't have the "display album artwork" button unchecked?
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • Tiger- I use iTunes all day, every day. I use it more than Photoshop, and I'm a graphic designer. So, no, I'm not ignorant. That's funny. My shuffle shows up just fine in my source list. And my iPods sync just fine, even to different Macs. The Wall and Dark side of the moon play as gapless now, and so does American Idiot. If iTunes doesn't recognise an album as gapless, it's simple to get info and check the "part of a gapless album" button. How lazy are you, exactly? Just because you can't figure out how to do something, don't assume that the problem doesn't lie with you.
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • I've upgraded to iTunes 7 on three different Macs (a G5 PowerMac, a G4 Powerbook and an Intel Mini). I installed using both stand alone and software update. No problems here at all with my 30GB+ library. I thought I had found a bug initially with volume control to remote speakers, but a simple restart of the app fixed the issue. I like 7.0. I LOVE coverflow. The new interface is a little more mundane than I'm used to, but I was never a huge fan of aqua, so it's okay. A lot of thinking went into this release, and it shows. Updating iPods are much more intuitive now. I also like the way the sidebar is broken down now. The biggest isssue I've had was adding art to all my old ripped albums that I either downloaded or ripped before there even WAS an iTunes that accessed Gracenote. It's been kinda fun, actually. Gives me something to do at work...
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • I think you meant "Houston, we do not have a problem." I'd normally forgive a misspelling, but the name of a whole city? The fourth largest in the U.S? In a paraphrase of a direct quote? And the "a" and the "o" are on opposite sides of the keyboard. Come on, James... Good content, though. I agree.
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    Zune, The iPod Killer That Never Was
  • Geez, I hope not. I wouldn't get ANY work done.
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    Leopard Preview Gives Clue to Top Secret New Feature
  • My new Mac mini Core duo is the quietest machine I've ever had - even when it's burning a disc. I'm very impressed. My Dual 2.3 G5 at work is also pretty quiet, although I keep it under my desk. I've never had the fans ramp up before, except when I take the side panel off. My G4 powerbook is another story altogether. It heats up very quickly and is pretty noisy even when it's sitting idle. When the fan gets going, it almost drowns out the built-in speakers. Then there's the sound of my thighs frying... But I digress.
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    When Hot Is Not
  • Even though the nano is light, the shuffle is still easier to jog with, lift weights with and (my favorite) tuck into a Camelback for a nice 100 mile bike ride.
  • Hmmmm. I see... Core duo minis and flash-based instant-on MacBooks.
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    Predict The Next Big Thing And Win An iPod Nano