AAM: Which Cat for 700Mhz iMac?

by Aaron Wright Oct 30, 2006

The release of Apple’s next OS pussy cat is just around the corner, however some are a little unfortunate in having slightly older machines that may struggle to run the latest OS, Tiger.

This week user WAWA is curious to know whether his partners 700Mhz iMac running 750MB of RAM will be good enough specifications to run Tiger or possibly Leopard, when it arrives. At the time of writing Apple is yet to release any information on what sort of power will be needed in your Macintosh to run Leopard, so it’s obviously a little hard to give any straight answers on that one just yet. Of course, it seems that every time Apple release a new version of OS X, it only runs better and better than its predecessor on even the older G3 processors. Will Leopard follow this trend or is it going to follow Vista and require only the very largest processor (I’m exaggerating) to run? Who knows.

In the mean time, user Daevrojn answers this weeks question based on information from Apples knowledge database. Good luck WAWA.

Before I sign off from AAM for another week, there’s another user with a question just sitting there patiently for an answer. Do you think you could help?

AM regular, Enrico, is curious to know why his internet connection refuses to operate correctly and present him with the message “The specified server could not be found” using Airport connected to a Wireless router. More information is provided within the thread Unable To Connect To The Internet so if you think you’ve got a solution or an idea, feel free to pop along and help out.

In the mean time, soak up this weeks Question of the Week and I’ll see you in about 7 days time.

Question of the Week

Can 700Mhz iMac Do OS X 10.4?

Question by: WAWA

My wife uses OS X 10.2.8 on an iMac flat panel G4 700Hz, 750MB RAM.

I would like to upgrade it to OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Will that affect performances, maybe the G4 will not be able to keep up with Tiger?

What do you think about my Mac with Leopard? If you think Leopard will be OK, should I then wait?

However, I see her struggle on 10.2 and would like to upgrade now.

Thank you for answering!

Answer by: Daevrojn

The Apple website includes your wife’s iMac in the supported section, as well as the minimum requirements for 10.4 being 256MB RAM.

Plus, you’re probably going to need a DVD drive, just so you know. However, if you order from the Apple website, you can get media CD’s.

So, yes, your computer should be fine to run 10.4.

However, if you wait until spring you can pick up Leopard for the same amount of money you’re going to spend on Tiger now. The differences are tons of new features in Leopard that Tiger doesn’t have (Although, Tiger is amazing in it’s own right). That choice is up to you.

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  • Until just a couple of months ago I was still using a 350MHz Blue & White G3 as my desktop at home.  I ran Tiger with no problems whatsoever. 

    Contrary to the above, the “smoothness” of OS performace seemed to peak on that particular machine with Jaguar.  But Tiger runs just fine on it regardless - just a minor speed hit due to spotlight and widgets.  But definitely still usable.

    Tiger on a 700MHz iMac?  That’s a no brainer.  Absolutely.

    destructo had this to say on Oct 30, 2006 Posts: 11
  • Based on observation of applications like Adress Book (was horribly slow in Panther), my 800 MHz PowerBook performs faster with Tiger. Overall there’s a snappiness which I wasn’t expecting.

    That was running 512 MB. I’ve since upgraded to 1 GB of RAM and its improved things even further.

    Eric Brodeur had this to say on Nov 02, 2006 Posts: 23
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