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  • Jun 23, 2007
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  • The Mac Mini is a 'Low End' PC but it's not a 'Budget PC' - that's the problem and Apple really need to get their act together on this section of the market. The Mac Mini represents very poor value for the buyer who does not already have a monitor, keyboard etc. In the UK buying the higher end Mac Mini (with only 512mb RAM) and a 20" Apple TFT costs ¬£929 (about 1800 US$) and then you have to buy the Apple keyboard and a mouse. Even with a cheaper Monitor, the Mac Mini will cost a hell of a lot of money compared to similar rivals from HP and Dell that will out-perform the Mini (the Mini has a 4200 rpm hard drive!!!). The iMac represents much better value for the first time buyer but they will have to suffer the disadvantages of having an all-in-one (i.e. they can't just replace their PC or their Monitor). Basically, the Mini is a cheaper-than-an-iMac option for switchers and that's all. To call it a budget desktop is absurd. Apple will tell you that the Mac Mini comes with iLife; but so what?? You can download argueably better sofware for free, and how many people really use iMovie or Garage Band?? Apple need to produce a truly budget low-form-factor-headless PC without the needless software and without the under performing components. This will be an education and low-end market winner.
  • Apple also disabled screen spanning on non-pro macs not so long ago, the idea being to devalue them in comparison to the power mac/book lines. I think it pretty lame personally. If Microsoft/Dell/HP did this kind of thing there would be outrage.
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    Apple Charges Fee for Hardware You Already Have
  • My most inspiring computer must be the C64. Learning Basic programming gave me a whole new feeling of control that you would never before get with a consumer device. Doe's anybody remember typing the LIST command and watching all their code cascade down the screen?? How cool was that?? One thing that seems a shame is that Macs shouldn't have to be consigned to history. I love the 'lamp' design G4, but it is slow by todays standards - I wish I could upgrade it internally as PC owners can so I can keep the gorgeous thing for years and years. I've got 12" white-style iBook, a lovely quiet machine that gives you space to think, smiles at you (finder) and snores at night. Magic.
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    The Most Inspiring Computer of All Time?