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  • Sep 02, 2007
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  • Thanks for the info, I guess that's yet another reason I need an Apple TV ;) If Apple had dropped the price of them around the world when they did in the US (when Apple TV "Take Two" was announced) then I'd go out and get one today. But as it stands, the 40Gb model is 80% more expensive in Australia right now than in the US. I'll have to wait...
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    Obsessing Over iTunes: Super Smart Playlists
  • One problem that I find with any smart playlist based on "last played..." or "number of plays" is that most of the listening I do is through my stereo, which connects to iTunes via a Roku Soundbridge. As far as I know any media streamer like this (or Netgear ones, or Sonos) will not update the play count or last played date on iTunes. Therefore you can have a playlist of "never played" songs that includes ones you've heard a dozen times on your stereo. Can anyone confirm whether the Apple TV updates the play count back on the iTunes computer?
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    Obsessing Over iTunes: Super Smart Playlists
  • Personal finance software is a pain on the Mac, it's even more of a pain if you happen to live in the UK: Quicken decided to "take the difficult business decision to discontinue development of products for the UK market" in 2005, since when there has been no UK support or new releases. The UK version of Microsoft Money also doesn't appear to have been updated since 2004. MS Money obviously never ran on a Mac anyway. So I'm stuck using an old version of MS Money via parallels. And believe me, I've looked for Mac alternatives, but as the article said, good Mac alternatives don't exist.
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    Mac Personal Finance Software = Disappointment
  • Maybe not a killer app as such, but a combination of a mac-based media centre (sorry for using M$'s name, but it fits) and a complete, functional, bells-and-whistles version of Front Row would bring people flooding to the mac platform imho. The mac media centre would need a couple of TV tuners, a huge (and 3.5") hard drive and a HDMI out socket. The 'new' Front Row would need the ability to rip dvd's, show tv, control satellite decoders, have TiVo-like recording, possibly location-free TV, etc. Most importantly, it would work out of the box and be a 'proper' integrated solution. If anyone can manage this Apple can. I think the only reason they haven't done it so far is they want to see how far they can go with selling TV shows (and soon films) from ITMS. So there's my vote - Front Row v2.0 will be the Killer App!