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  • Jan 12, 2008
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  • I have to agree with you Hadley. Video is and was a major step for Apple. The niche market of early days with graphic design, laser printers - Aldus, Macromedia and Adobe slowly distanced themselves from Apple. Apple made it very clear that video was the next niche, the next market that they would take on. To some degree I feel they have. Perhaps in producing, editing and encoding - the G5 made this quite obvious. BUT NOW it's Video for Entertainment that is a TRUE requirement to seal the Mac and iTunes as a successful platform and successful store. To offer the goods it was initially made to do. What's a iPhone or iPodNano without a Hollywood selection. So yes... Apple needs to provide on this side of the promise. And it seems to be AN extremely key moment now with the pressure of some Music and Video ALREADY departing from iTunes. Amazon may become a truly strong a fair competitor now that DRM has been lifted. Can Steve eventually do the same for Video? I got to say, Apple BETTER have a good plan up their sleeves. And IMO, a sub-notebook right now... a device without the need for any wires, is less of a priority.
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    My Greatest Wish for Macworld: Video
  • I don't want to sound disappointed - after all - no one has tried or seen AppleBook Air. Apple has some many other things to concentrate on - Multi-Touch should not be neglected. As so many competitors are seeing the benefits from simple touch screens. Even in CES 08 - touch was rather a big deal. Bettering the User Experience and the User Interface of OSX and MacOSX with Multi-Touch should be the aim. Why you may ask? It has the potential to make huge differences as how one OS vs another is operated. It would give Apple a true and strong value - a clearer advantage for the future. Generally, by accomplishing this first - Apple the has a greater and clear value on todays market... differentiating how people interact with computers and devices from all it's competitors. Sure, wireless is nice and cool but heck - lets be honest (and hopefully I am totally wrong on this AirBook thing) but todays laptops are fairly independent right now. Wired or not. A nan-flash, flip open, super slim, notebook with no physical connection other then a possible need to dock for a charge - to me is a total waist. 1) of money 2) in terms of innovation. Specially when folks are mentioning that such a device would be less powerful. If there is a market... I don't wish to par take in it. While Samsung and others are working on Fuel Cell powered devices. I have a hard time thinking about MacBook Air. At least - well I hope - Apple could be introducing a MacBookPro Air. Yeah yeah I hate the name too. But the MacBookPro needs a newer processor. And Intel has delivered several for Apple to pick from. I am still hoping there is PLENTY of IMAGINATION from Apple showcased by Steve for us tomorrow. The notebook could have been radical. An iSlate, iJesture, - here's hoping it's not what seems to be likely an AirBook. The one thing I love so far... is the nice sweet and tasty MacPro Update.... no farting around with all these rumours and things. Just a good and honest improvement.
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    Will the MacBook Take Flight at Macworld?
  • Love the Matrix. Well done - as if Jobs did it himself. According to the number of chips Intel has set for Apple, the complete line of Apple computers can be UPDATED as of January MacWorld. So in one easy sweep, iMac, MacBook, MacBookPro and MacMini could in fact be handled in very few words. I think it would be wiser in a economical sense aiding Apple to slowly do this through out the year. Nonetheless, the laptop sector is extremely important. And the MacBookPro deserves the show! If not, a sub-notebook will be in it's place. My feeling after seeing the banners, is WiMax is the big deal. It places a heavy commitment that iPhone is extremely serious and that possibly a FOUR way partnership - Google, Intel, Apple and AT&T;will let us see this SOMETHING in the Air. But this also needs to ride along with SDK. A mention that it's NOW and AVAILABLE - it was promised and the time is RIGHT. On a personal level, "iJesture" or a product like it - maybe similar perhaps to the image in your Matrix would be the glorious show stopper. If only it bridges Desktops with the ablity to enable Multi-Touch for the rest of us. Whenever, whatever, however the sub-notebook is shown - there will be thunder heard. Perhaps not possible, yet to a degree, some tiny little hint - I can imagine Jobs touching on all these topics in some way or other. Even if to dismiss them as not true. It's going to be a extremely interesting year for Apple. And MacWorld that won't disappoint. Even if none of these come true. Apple most certainly has something to drop on all of us -- and it will go BOOM. This is the shock and awe year for Apple - no doubt! Like hmmmmm, Boom! Apple just BOUGHT Microsoft. Or hmmmmm, maybe... just maybe...Bill and Jobs have settled... OS10.5 was secretly commisioned by MacroSloth and Visita "bling" is OSX 10.5.... here's how to do it guys... just press.... BLAH BLAH BLAH... and low and behold... OSX was always there. Hahahahaha Apple OSX has been on the PC for sometime now. Enjoy the rest of the show... and welcome to OSX. Or maybe not. Oh, I can't wait another nano-second
  • Cool name, "Notebook Touch". That seems likely. I have envisioned the "iJesture". Reading patents, looking at rumours, watching what Apple bought into. And dreaming a little. Everyone shall soon see the truth though soon enough. Art Lebedev + iPod Touch + FingerWorks = iJesture The device that bridges post-pc machines to the mac desktop. In a form factor that is reminiscent of the CommodoreVic20 days when a complete solution lived inside a keyboard yet slim enough to suit todays styling. The device measuring 13" wide by 4" deep at 1/4" thick. A rectangle slate that is easily carried under ones arm. A device that when brought in front of a Desktop terminal it's own WIFI triggers it's glossy screen to transform into a fully functional virtual keyboard. Yet unlike the average keyboard your Desktop actually displays a mount drive. 32 Gb drive syncing the sub-notebook slate "iJesture" to your desktop machine. No docking device needed. Virtual keyboards have millions of benefits. Language, colour, more functionality through programmability. Swipe at the number pad and it vanishes leaving you space to finger point. it's the new track pad, functioning perfecting as any mouse could. There is accuracy due to the same principle of todays laptops. Gesture again and the number pad re-appears just like iPhone graphics do. Dazzling! You can motion the virtual keypad to the left for left handed people. And iJesture specific programs - say FinalCut, can enable colour system keys to better relate or add functionality not easily understood before. Multi-touch, therefore comes to all of use as a familiar UE (User Experience / User Ergonomic) form and usable multi-device. "iJesture" says goodbye to the keyboard, the mouse and docking stations. But wait, there more to it, it functions on it's own in a familiar iPodTouch fashion. This little device isn't a simple virtual keyboard, no, the fun doesn't stop there. It is a sub-notebook; kind of a MacSlate. With a certain scaled down and embedded version of OSX 10.5.2 as the core brain. When you pick this device up and walk away with it -- it's screen again transforms into a sub-notebook like device. Independent from your Desktop. Running specific apps that Apple is about to unleash. Th "iJesture" sports two usb ports, one physical button on the side, just like the wireless keyboard of present. On the bottom, a mini optical disk. Specific to the device and for upgrading and installing sweet applications for on the go. One extra bit of information, would be the update to INK. Ink2 useful for diagrams and character gesture input. So there you have it, the Newton notation is back in style. The iPhone has it's main purpose. The iJesture has it's. It is the device that launches Multi-Touch for the rest of us! Where ever we go. d My little spin is this.
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    What to Expect from MacWorld 2008