Will the MacBook Take Flight at Macworld?

by Tanner Godarzi Jan 14, 2008

MacBook rumors have taken hold of the news for the past few weeks leading up to Macworld, ranging from a tablet form factor to an ultra portable, but the craziest of them all has just come to light: the MacBook Air, now with wings.

The name comes from a banner put up outside of Macworld with the quote “There’s Something In The Air.” It could mean Apple has coupled forces with Al Gore to cut down on pollution using only MacBooks to raise awareness of global warming or what 99.9% of us were thinking: wireless, more specifically WiMax, and to take it a step further, no wires needed for normal use. 

The concept is great but the implementation would be very difficult and sudden for the computing industry; then again, Apple is no stranger to abrupt change. They’ve done it before, most notably with the original iMac when it abandoned Serial Ports for USB. The only problem is that there a lot more manufacturers and a lot more methods of data input, but the idea is still the same. Old ports (DVI, USB, FireWire, Optical Drive, Audio) are obsolete and a new method (in this case wireless) of data transfer is arriving that will work much better. The only way to pull it off would be an ultra portable form factor which would lack many conventional means of transferring data in favor of an under powered machine.

The other alternative is Apple implementing not a sub notebook design, but a full on MacBook with enhanced wireless capabilities such as WiMax and UWB Bluetooth/USB. This would be a much more reasonable configuration, as a totally wire free computer that meets the need of the average user is not realistic until drivers are made compatible and hardware manufacturers get in gear to add wireless capabilities to more electronics.

But adding WiMax to the MacBooks would be possible if Intel was working with Apple lately. Intel is a big proponent of WiMax, which could greatly benefit Apple.

Also, 9to5Mac (the ones who got an insider scoop on the 3G Nano and iPod Touch) says that there is some validity to the MacBook Air, such as usage logs and insider information.

Oh, and more thing: Apple also has been known for some odd naming schemes in the past, not so much confusing but, well, odd. In all honesty, I think MacBook Air is a horrible, horrible name. It falls into that same category where the name describes what it will do, but is kind of vague and will warrant some “huhs?” from consumers.


  • I’d glad I’m not the only one who holds that opinion:



    Aayush Arya had this to say on Jan 14, 2008 Posts: 36
  • What’s the coverage/availability of Wi-Max?  Are there any devices that use wireless USB?

    It would seem foolish if Apple released a notebook that none of your current devices could connect to.  People are mad enough that they have to upgrade their OS just to use the new iPods, how would they feel if they have to buy all new printers, hard drives, mobile broadband cards, flash drives, etc. etc.?

    If they went this route, it would either (a) sell poorly, or (b) sell incredibly well and promptly be returned since nothing plugs into it.

    Andrew Harden had this to say on Jan 14, 2008 Posts: 19
  • I don’t want to sound disappointed - after all - no one has tried or seen AppleBook Air.

    Apple has some many other things to concentrate on - Multi-Touch should not be neglected. As so many competitors are seeing the benefits from simple touch screens. Even in CES 08 - touch was rather a big deal. Bettering the User Experience and the User Interface of OSX and MacOSX with Multi-Touch should be the aim. Why you may ask? It has the potential to make huge differences as how one OS vs another is operated. It would give Apple a true and strong value - a clearer advantage for the future.

    Generally, by accomplishing this first - Apple the has a greater and clear value on todays market… differentiating how people interact with computers and devices from all it’s competitors.

    Sure, wireless is nice and cool but heck - lets be honest (and hopefully I am totally wrong on this AirBook thing) but todays laptops are fairly independent right now. Wired or not.

    A nan-flash, flip open, super slim, notebook with no physical connection other then a possible need to dock for a charge - to me is a total waist. 1) of money 2) in terms of innovation. Specially when folks are mentioning that such a device would be less powerful. If there is a market… I don’t wish to par take in it.

    While Samsung and others are working on Fuel Cell powered devices. I have a hard time thinking about MacBook Air. At least - well I hope - Apple could be introducing a MacBookPro Air.

    Yeah yeah I hate the name too. But the MacBookPro needs a newer processor. And Intel has delivered several for Apple to pick from.

    I am still hoping there is PLENTY of IMAGINATION from Apple showcased by Steve for us tomorrow. The notebook could have been radical. An iSlate, iJesture, - here’s hoping it’s not what seems to be likely an AirBook.

    The one thing I love so far… is the nice sweet and tasty MacPro Update…. no farting around with all these rumours and things. Just a good and honest improvement.

    Dougless had this to say on Jan 14, 2008 Posts: 4
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