Covering the spin.. Infrequently updated (9:22)

by Chris Seibold Nov 07, 2006

It might help more if Pelosi would either be quiet or not publically call for votes based on nothing more than partisanship, it makes the Democratic party look as bad as the Republicans… or you could call it an accurate representation.

Liked the call of Maryland. While Wolf Blitzer was telling everyone Cardin was going to beat Steele the big screen showed Steele leading by double digits. Those exit polls are still influential in the calls.

Best prediction on the web so far (Freerepublic):
Warning: What to Expect

Ya gotta love it when a hotly contested election rolls around and someone speaks with such absolute certainty. Uh, the prediction isn’t looking so good right now.

Best News Alert (CNN):
“CNN projects Democrats Bill Nelson in Florida and Edward Kennedy in Massachusetts will keep their Senate seats, as will Republican Olympia Snowe in Maine.”

It take balls, huge freaking mammoth testes, to call those three races so early on. The closest spread was a mere 23 points according to the polls. Sirs, are you aware you’re wagering your company’s credibility on something as iffy as a Kennedy winning in Massechusetts?


  • Regarding the freepers, one big fault of theirs (among many) is the total inability to deal with reality.  That’s one of the reasons Republicans are being kicked out on their collective asses.

    Beeblebrox had this to say on Nov 08, 2006 Posts: 2220
  • *Hiccup* Sir!
    I am fhrom Masshachusetts, shir!
    And I abhor, the way you are; wait, where the hell am I again?

    I will say, I worked for EMK six years ago, and he looks pretty darn good for where he was twelve years ago, actually having to fight possible contender Mitt Romney for his “own” seat. And, by a large margin, I do mean physically. Vickie’s been good for him.

    As for the networks, well, for goodness sake, they do have to fulfill some supposed reason for existence, after all.

    CapnVan had this to say on Nov 09, 2006 Posts: 68
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