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  • Dec 19, 2007
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  • Name one Linux distro that's fully UNIX-certified, as Leopard is. That's right, there isn't one. That should give us a clue that it probably isn't about switching from Mach/BSD to GNU/Linux. But as I pointed out, you and I don't have the Leopard betas, so let's wait until those who do can talk freely. Then we'll all know if your article was premature or not. :-)
  • And if you need to see a good example of a stark difference beneath the surface, just compare the source code of with Now imagine what the source code of each OS looks like.
  • Yet another comment from someone bound by NDA: "I can tell you that as a systems engineer and geek, I am blown away by Leopard... no previous version of Mac OS X has had so much internal work done on it. The “guts” of this thing have been gone over with a fine tooth comb. It’s a true piece of art... the underpinnings are, in my opinion, where the greatest achievements were made." Hmm.
  • The 300+ features listed on the website do not, I suspect, encompass all the new things in 10.5, only those things that Apple considers to be a "feature" worth talking about to a nonspecialist audience. As I mentioned previously, we shall know one way or the other when those who are under NDA can speak freely about what they cannot discuss publicly right now.
  • Anyone who doesn't have the Leopard beta is merely speculating about what "secret" features (if any) will be in the shipping version. Those who have the beta appear to be honoring their NDAs. That's all we know.
  • Furthermore, people in Apple and AT&T who worked on the iPhone could NOT speak to immediate family about what they were working on until iPhone was announced almost a year ago now. Recall Steve Jobs' comment at the D conference: "a ship that leaks from the top" and now think different: why does Apple have to say ANYTHING to please YOU when doing so may not align with their long-term strategic goals? At WWDC2007 it was "no SDK for the iPhone" and now it's "Feb 2008" so we know that they're playing cagey with us all.
  • "Apple wouldn’t leave it to developers to announce anything significant" Wil Shipley (developer of Delicious Library) said: "our customers are going to have to upgrade their OS if they want to upgrade our program… any app we released based on Tiger was going to look really pathetic when Leopard came out."
  • Chris — do you have the Leopard beta? I don't, but others do. And here's what they're saying as of Oct 17th: "I can’t answer your question — yet. (I take non-disclosure very seriously.)" There are informed opinions, and there are, um, uninformed ones. Can you tell the difference?
  • "In 10 days - 10 excruciating days - I and hundreds of Mac developers and VIP users can finally speak out about that which we have sworn to hold secret." Hmm.
  • One top secret feature is that Leopard is running on the iPhone and iPod Touch. That's why the iPhone SDK could only be announced AFTER Leopard, because the SDK has to be hosted natively ON Leopard as well, since Tiger is missing key Leopard APIs. What this means is that a lot of 3rd-party app development for handheld multitouch can be repurposed quickly for a tablet Mac, future notebooks, touchscreen desktops, etc. Does the larger picture start to make sense? Now, try to imagine Vista running on a mobile phone.
  • Some interesting (to me) "Top Secret" features DTrace Library Randomization Wide Area Bonjour Share any user sub-folder