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  • Aug 10, 2006
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  • As an open source developer I can't wait to see what emerges from this. I'd love to come up with some of my own contributions or projects. BTW, that's an awesome pic. I usually don't care for the cute kitty pics, but drop an Apple laptop in there and I'm smitten.
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    Apple Open Source Returns
  • I don't think he could possibly do the same thing today without receiving a huge "Boooo!"
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    August 7, 1997: Bill Gates Appears at MacWorld
  • MS Office on the Mac is an atrocity. It's horribly designed inside and out. There's huge demand for a replacement. On Windows MS Office works reasonably well. There's simply no incentive to switch to another spreadsheet app unless it's quite revolutionary. So there won't be many conversions to Mac because of Numbers. But Mac users who sometimes have to use Excel (like me) will be extremely happy with any replacement.
  • I wish! My only fear is that if Apple gets that big they may start conducting business in the same destructive, anti-competitive way as Microsoft. I think they like being the underdog (to some extent) and it also keeps them in check.
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    Will Apple Define The Future?
  • I have two concerns: the video card and the hard disk speed. One major performance hinderance of the current Mini is the hard disk. 5400 rpm is just barely good enough. If they actually allowed the Mini to be used as a PVR this would cause a big problem during recording.
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    Apple Unveils Mac mini with Intel Core Duo
  • Well, they're here and not leaving tomorrow. Let's also consider the future:
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    Part 1: What if Microsoft Never Existed?