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  • May 09, 2008
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  • Which part of breaking what law are you referring to? It is not illegal to put Mac OS X on a non-Apple machine. It's simply in violation of the EULA. The Sale Of First Doctrine takes precedence over any EULA as of this post. How I know, because I was a part of the legal team when Adobe and Autodesk came calling on some of our clients for breaking parts of their respective EULAs; and they lost in court, and through all of the appeals. Except for some circumstances around import/export, it would be a losing battle for Apple and probabely would set a legal precedence that they wouldn't want if they did take a homebrew Mac maker to court. Also, who wrote anything about supporting Psystar? They aren't even a real company. "Talk about pissin' in the wind..." is more like pontificating about a subject matter you don't fully understand, and/or don't have all of the correct facts about. But hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion, (just don't state them as fact), and you learn something new everyday.....
  • Interesting article. You say "trust me on this, the honeymoon tends to get over pretty quick"; Are you speaking from experience? I have built over 20 hackintoshes for friends and families (since Leo was officially released) and all of them have continuously run fine, all normal programs work and they haven't had the problems you or Rob (from Macworld) have had, and some of my family members are not the most computer literate or power users. I read Rob's article, and he could've done things differently to make it easier on himself. The only requirement I make people do before I make them a hackintosh, is they buy a family edition of Leo to support Apple, and any programs they have installed, they buy as well. So no, I disagree. Building, maintaining, and running a hackintosh is easier than you are insinuating. I own several official Macs, but I don't need to buy more Mac Pros, when other PCs running Tiger and Leo do just fine.
  • Interesting point of view. Also, who cares if Nick DePlume was revealing trade secrets of Apple's. That's part of doing business, especially for a company that is as popular and public as Apple. Don't agree with me?, so what. That's your right and your free to say so as protected by our First Admendment; As was Think Secret, and Apple was right to get smacked down in court. So to cast Think Secret in a negative light (as if the site was doing something wrong), is questionable....
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    My Take on Leander's Piece AKA Apple Is Evil
  • No plugins? Ever heard of google? Type "camino plugins". Ever heard of pimpmycamino.com? Obviously not. It would have been better of you to actually do some research before writing this article....
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    Camino Browser: The Fifty Day Test
  • "Skate to where the puck is going to be" was lifted from Wayne Gretzky BY Steve Jobs, and this author needs to get over it....."declaring war on Windows"... Sorry to inform you, but the war is over, it was 20 years ago. As an everyday Mac user and System Admin (Windows and OS X), and I choose to use the mac because of Windows draconian activation schemes, not because it's SO much better. If M$ wasn't so invasive, I'd be using a Windows box.
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    How iTunes is Paving the Way For Switchers
  • Oh, sorry... To actually answer the question if I've swayed my friends and family to move to Mac because of Boot Camp, I've actually swayed them to drop Mac and move to AMD and other open source software with the frontend GUIs like KDE and GNOME.
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    Is Windows On a Mac Really Drawing in New Users?
  • Due to the Intel Move, TPM, and IMHO; the awful handling of the Quad's (and other Powermac G5 power supply problems, I own 3, I have actually moved away from the Mac platform and to AMD. For the price and performance of AMD and Solaris 10, Apple just can't compete. It made me very sad to move, as I have been a Mac user for 20+ years, but I really believe Jobs & Co. are holding true to his statement, "I'm going to milk the Mac for all it's worth, and than move on to the next big thing". I really believe that Apple no longer has my (as an end-user), interests at heart.
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    Is Windows On a Mac Really Drawing in New Users?