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  • Mar 21, 2007
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  • Sorry I didn't read the article. I would like to meet this woman in the picture though, it's a dream come true!
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    Apple Zealots: Fact or Fiction?
  • Check out Mac OS X You can still boot off a USB iPod/Intel Mac! And if you're really into it You could boot Windows!
    toadkicker had this to say on Apr 03, 2006 Posts: 10
    Live CDs for the Mac
  • A live OS X CD would have to come from Apple. The community could develop an OpenDarwin CD though, and that could be beneficial to troubleshooting, but most Mac techs I know just install OS X on an iPod and boot off that. I think that is the way to go anyway, because the iPod is permanent (but erasable) storage so grabbing the important stuff is a snap before a reinstall/reimage.
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    Live CDs for the Mac
  • Well, I don't know about you but I think Apple's 30 year mistakes are nill at this point in time. It's the next 30 years I'm excited about. Besides that, if things didn't pan out the way they did I wouldn't be into Macs. I would bet we'd all still use an OS that locked up all the time (yes you, Windows 98 and Mac OS 9), couldn't properly shut down a frozen app, and Microsoft would've developed an OS X-esk system that wouldn't have been as cool.
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    Five Biggest Apple Mistakes
  • Mark Knopler said it best... "That ain't working, that's the way you do it."
  • Um, so you're saying if something loud gets near my earhole, for a few hours, I might have hearing loss? This is big, and someone must be stopped. All these years I thought my mom was telling wive's tales...
  • Also note that Apple doesn't make their installers seek out previous versions of Mac OS or iLife/iWork. No one is making you upgrade man, and you know the pattern Apple has. So save your cash and upgrade every other year if it's a problem. I'm very happy with their products and somehow they convince me to buy every year just because it keeps getting better and better. That's my choice, if you're not keen on that idea then don't buy it this time around; wait until next year.
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    Upgrading, Why It Hurts To Be A Mac User
  • I'm sending in feedback about the power brick. It seems crazy they make seperate ones for the iPod and 'books. Why not make one with a USB or Firwire connector? Help me out and ask for it!
  • Jobs: "Today, we're releasing Mac OS 10.4.4" Translation: "We're probably going to do this five more times before the end of the year. Oh, did I mention we're dragging our developers through the same universal binary crap too? So stop whining!" Reality: OS's are complicated and buggy. Don't think because you have a Mac that there is nothing wrong. Imagine what happens when you make it run on multiple architectures.
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    Steve-V-Steve: The Keynote Translated!
  • I think the problem isn't the software, but the lack of emphasis in education on properly presenting information. Schools are too focused on teaching the tool and not how the tool works. Knowing PowerPoint/Keynote is secondary to language and presentation skills; something educators themselves seem to miss the mark on.
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    PowerPoint Kills Brain Cells