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  • May 07, 2009
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  • Why does everyone get so "enamored" with the concept of a DVR? The DVR is a temporary stopgap because of other limitations. A DVR is not the future, it is a band-aid for our currently delivery models. First of all, watching Movies and TV Shows is a completely different experience from listening to music. I may want to hear a song 100 times a year, but only watch a movie 2 times a year. YES, subscriptions **do** make sense for Video. I have an AppleTV. I also have a BluRay player with NetFlix streaming support. I also have a DVR from my Cable company. Here's my utopia: 1. I only need to see LIVE broadcasts (e.g. DVR) for live events. In other words.. News, Sports, Weather. Do these come from Apple, My Local TV Provider (a stream from my ISP) ? 2. TV Shows, Movies, etc. These can all be viewed when I want (on demand). That's why the NetFlix service is great. I play movies when I want. I pause, rewind, etc. All for a flat fee. Yes, some movies aren't available, those might have to be premium purchases. 3. Personal Library. It would be nice to have access to my personal library everywhere. Why can't Apple "host" this for me? Perhaps there are certain Movies that I want to access from any Apple Device (iTunes on a computer, iPhone, iPodTouch, AppleTV). Yes, I can rip these with HandBrake, but that takes a ton of storage. Why not have Apple store my purchased stuff. AppleTV is intelligent cache for this information. So what is the AppleTV? It should be the device that provides a mechanism for integrating my video media from all of these different scenarios. I don't have to think where it is coming from (Hulu, NetFlix, Apple, my "personal" library, my LIVE broadcast provider). Instead, AppleTV makes it seamless. I watch what I want, when I want it. That's my vision of AppleTV.
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