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  • Jun 24, 2008
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  • As an early adopter (not camping out early, but close), my iPhone 1.0 will stay with me. After reviewing the cost I can't justify the extra $25ish per month in service costs. I text like a 14 year old and I don't have a use for 3G data. I have a nice GPS system in my cars and so I should be happy with what I have now. I think iPhone 3G, just doesn't do it for me. Maybe next time
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    What to Do With Your First Generation iPhone?
  • Matthew, I'm no expert on routers but I have had great success with the new Apple router that you have. I setup my in-laws network and they have had 0 downtime since April. I also have been using one for the past couple of months. I pick up about 10 wifi networks from my neighbors and I have had no problem. I can't wait to use this router with time machine this winter. I'm one of those backup freeks!
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    Airport Extreme N - The New Hotness
  • Chris. are you saying my free shuffle I won a little while back isn't cool anymore? dang. Guess i'll have to enter the contest to try to win a "cool" one.
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    Win a shuffle (the cool one)
  • #3) Helen, you beat me to that tip! I still need to purchase "We Built This City" by Starship. so I can put it on my Shuffle http://tinyurl.com/koqex
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    6 Things I Would Change in the iTunes Store
  • It comes in white only (well so far...) That means you don't have to think long and hard what color you want. Just like the Ford Model T. It comes in any color you like, as long as it's white.