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  • Mar 12, 2007
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  • Tablets are one of those things that are hard to explain until you have used one... I'm a Mac user first, but have to admit my Tablet PC has completely changed the way I use computers. Let me give you a few things I *currently* do with it... 1. Meeting notes, with searchable ink... it is a great way to do it, because paper can be lost, but OneNote is searchable forever. The Tablet form factor is great, because it seems to be less formal for people I meet with. If I open a laptop, things become formal. If I pull out a tablet, they treat it like a piece of paper. 2. Client Presentations... during brainstorming, nothing is better than being able to share a drawing, sketch, etc. on a projector 3. Mobile note taking... while standing beside a server, walking around a building, moving from desk to desk, standing in line at the bank, etc, it can be difficult to take notes on a laptop. The tablet form factor is such that you can grab it and take notes on the go. 4. Photoshop! I have a wacom hooked up to my Mac, but there is something so much better about actually drawing on the screen. 5. Web Surfing... *yes* I surf the web in tablet don't "peck" with the pen, you handwrite your urls. Then, websites become like a book you are reading. What would I like it to do? 1. Integrate ink completely in the interface. Whether it is Mail, iCal, Keynote, iTunes, or Pages, I want to write. It is natural. 2. On the Tablet PC, you can convert handwriting to text. I don't want it to convert, I want to be able to flip back and forth. 3. Collect information intuitively... websites, documents, recordings, notes, events, whatever... I want to be able to "grab" it and store it in a virtual notebook. This would be similar to OneNote, but much more integrated into the OS. 4. Notate *everything*. If I'm on a website, I want to be able to write notes *on* it, about it. Then, next time I'm on the site, those notes just show up. Those notes must be retrievable, though... probably from the notebook discussed in #3.
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    What Would You Do With An iTablet?