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  • "My cheap Moto - one push of a button as i say “office” will take me to my secretary." Yeah, and after it asks me if I mean "Oscar" ten times, I could have made the call on the iPhone. My wife's name is Amy and my phone thinks I am saying either Sammy or Gary-very frustrating. I have a Motorola e815, and as someone above said, you have to have near bank vault silence for it to function accurately.
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    The iPhone is Perfect
  • Apple to enter adult market with the new iBrator with touch screen controls, internet, and music capabilities. Also in consideration is the iSponge, with video capability...
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    How to Write the Most Popular Apple Article Ever
  • While Microsoft may not be releasing another Windows operating system for a good 20 or 30 years (excuse my sarcasm)... That soon???
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    Why Apple Really Needs to Do Something Special Now
  • I think that the iPhone IS the widescreen iPod; or at least what the widescreen iPod would look like...
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    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • 4. Bloggers will always be less trustworthy than traditional media. This is due to the fact that anyone with an internet connection, 20 min. and 18 or more brain cells can become a blogger. It takes a little more effort to become a journalist. I would say that bloggers are at least AS TRUSTWORTHY AS traditional media. I read things in my local newspaper that I know personally to be untrue and have been personally involved in a situation where a reporter (a longtime friend of mine) completely misquoted my sister-in-law in a story. Also, remember Dan Rather...
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    The Art of the Blog
  • So you broke a contract early which you signed in good faith, and are angry that Sprint held you to your end of the deal?? I don't like ETFs either, but you signed the contract...
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    The iPhone Commeth
  • In defense of my local Verizon store (north Texas area), I will say that they were very helpful when we were looking for a phone for my wife's grandmother. When we entered and stated that "we are looking for a basic phone, just for calls", I braced myself. However, the response was, "no problem here is the ......". They understood that she was not into text messaging or any other "extra". She just wanted a phone.
  • Serenak, I assure you, the wrist and arm/hand pain is not "mysterious". It is real, it is called "carpal tunnel syndrome", and I have had surgery on both hands to alleviate it. Some people are simply more apt to get it, and there is no way to tell with any certainty who those people are. I type "properly" and have used ergonomic keyboards and do exercises. However, I still had the problems.
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    How Many People Actually Use Ergonomic Keyboards?
  • "But in slamming my “stupid” question, he proves my point unknowingly" You should not have put "stupid" in quotes, since it is an accurate description of the question.
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    Wherein John Gruber Picks Windows
  • "So you need to get your pregnant wife to the hospital, which would you rather have, a fully functional Yugo or a Mercedes with no wheels?" I'll take the Mercedes and sell it and buy a BMW with wheels. Oh, I'll call and ambulance for my wife; that's a much better option.
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    The Operating System Is Dead
  • How much did you pay? I purchased a Brother 2070N Laser printer with network capabilities for less than 200 U.S. dollars over one year ago, and its toner is affordable. The printer is available now for around 130-150 U.S. dollars online. I see the Lexmark for 110-150 U.S. dollars. If the toner is much more expensive for the Lexmark, I would look at the Brother. I have NO complaints thusfar.
  • Just to clarify, by "most basic" I mean a machine that is still reasonably able to do simple tasks quickly. I would NOT recommend the $299 Dell. I would, however, recommend a Mac mini or a MacBook.
  • Also, most cars will get better mileage on higher octane fuel, but probably not enough to pay for the difference. Bottom line, in modern cars, you can use the lower octane fuel than is required or recommended, but you will pay a power and mileage penalty. To me, the better analogy with computers is to say that buying a higher horsepower car will not make it last any longer. Similarly, buying a "fast" computer will not necessarily extend its life either. Any car can get you around, but you may need, or want, more power or towing capacity, which would both require more powerful engines. With computers, if you need email and internet capability only, the most basic machine will serve you well for a few years. However, if you need to edit video or photos or process huge amounts of data, then you may need a more powerful model. Of course, you can just buy what you want.
  • "Gas is a great example of this; with gas you get an octane rating. You might not have any idea what (R+M)/2 actually means but you are certain that higher is better because gas stations charge more for the gas with the higher octane number." Just for some explanation, there is good reason, in some cases, to buy the higher octane fuel. The necessity of the higher octane is governed mainly by the compression ratio and the timing of the engine. In general, higher compression ratio engines need higher octane gas, as do engines that have had the timing advanced. Contrary to popular belief, there is NO DIFFERENCE in the energy content of gasoline of different octane ratings. Higher octane fuels are simple more resistant to detonation because they burn more slowly and smoothly. The reason this is significant is that in a high compression engine, a low octane fuel could potentially detonate from the higher pressure alone. This can cause engine knock which can do serious damage to the engine. That is why you see high octane requirements mainly on performance or higher end cars. Their engines have higher compression ratios and/or advanced timing, therefore, have more problems with early detonation. Having said that, due to those very properties, todays engines will produce slightly more power with higher octane. Once again, this has nothing to do with any difference in energy content. The engine computer will adjust the timing to allow for the difference in detonation, and the vehicle can produce more power.
  • No biggie, just a little jab. I've done worse due to fat-finger syndrome ;) As for the translation, "...Or die, die versagen, Handhabung zu buchstabieren. " I have no idea if that is correct; I'm taking a free translator's word for it...
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    Ask Apple Matters: Time Machine