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  • Aug 18, 2005
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  • The music industry really must employ the most idiotic and just plain stupid people on the planet. Let's see... iTunes is selling millions of songs. We get a majority cut of the price, and yet we have to DO NOTHING. We produce NOTHING. We press ZERO CDs and print ZERO CD booklets. I know: Let's screw the customer and gouge MORE MONEY FROM THEM! I mean, honestly, what is going through their collective empty heads? They are truly blinded by greed. Everyone hates them enough already. I sincerely hope and pray that Steve will be stubborn enough to not change the $0.99 price point. I think it's already too much, but anything higher and I personally will buy NOTHING MORE from iTunes.
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    Absence of Aussie iTMS a warning?
  • I disagree. There are too many stupid people that just don't know they have options! We can't just sit back and shut up. Now more than ever we need to be the vocal minority of computer users. There is a better way. If we're so sure of it, we must share with those around us the possibility of a better computing experience. Yes, it's just a computer. But I certainly have pity for those who fight with their Windows machines every day. They don't have to. There is a better way.
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    Should The Mac Zealots Just Shut Up?
  • The one thing I have learned about so-called "integrated devices" (cell phone, PDA, camera, cheese grater) is that they do every function poorly. I would much rather have separate devices. That way if I want to have a high-quality camera, I can do that while having a different MP3 player. If I decide to upgrade my MP3-playing deivce, I don't have to throw everything out in order to do so. I, for one, hate these integrated things. I don't need a stinkin' camera on my cell phone. It's a phone. It's for talking to people.
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    Bill Gates is Right, and Wrong About The iPod
  • I am a hardcore Linux user. I've used it since 1993. But in 2003 I bought an iPod. Ever since then I have become a switcher. Not from Linux, but from the mindset that Apple is nothing to look at. I still have four true Unix boxes at home, but I have since added a beautiful 20-inch iMac G4 and two more iPods to the mix. I'm now planning on purchasing a PowerBook. So, I didn't exactly come over from the Windows PC world, but I can see the appeal. Apple just got everything right.