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  • Dec 29, 2006
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  • Considering components and pricing - I think there's a few items on your list which may appeal to the ├╝berroadwarrior, but not to the millions of buyers Apple would like to target with such a computer. In point: 7. firewire 800 8. built in evdo 9. PC card slot 11. built in gps 7 and 9 are items I've had in my PowerBook for years and never used, yet I consider myself an 8 on the 0-10 power users scale. I certainly wouldn't want to pay for those components in something who's design is portability over power. Likewise 8 and 11 are cool gimmicks but the price (not just money price but also size, weight, and power consumption) of those features would not be worth it for 90 something percent of the users. I agree with the previous post the shockingly LIGHT is a key feature. Would you consider NO keyboard an option in your dream machine? No worries about the keys popping off then. The mockups of a Mac OS X tablet computer floating around on the web lately have a huge appeal. Ever wondered why when Apple blew up the Newton team, the only person left on the payroll was the handwriting expert? And what was all the Inkwell jazz about? Newton done right - with Mom (Mac OS Mobile). Now THAT would rock!! And for you mad touch typists - here's your USB plug in keyboard. Sharkey!