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  • Jun 25, 2005
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  • my frustration stems from wanting to turn an alias email addy into a "regular" email addy. i used this alias as my primary email addy ([email protected] easy to remember, why didn't i use that originally?!). i followed the instructions and bought an additional email, only to find out that (because i had the alias) i couldn't create the new email using the same ID (makes sense). so, i deleted the alias and then tried. nope. still couldn't. and several emails to customer support (how about phone support for a $100/yr product apple?), all i got was canned responses that didn't answer my questions, and only offered an "unfortunately...we're sorry for any inconvience" sentiment. so i've lost that email addy, and now i have to go back to all my (predominantly pc/windows colleagues that i rant and rave about apple to) and tell them i lost that addy and there's nothing aplle can/will do to get it back for me. i am a huge apple fan otherwise, but i do not think i will be renewing my (nor my wife's) .mac account (oh, i asked about combining can't; you have to cancel one (ie, lose some portion of your annual membership fee) and start anew with a family account).
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