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  • Feb 18, 2008
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  • Pushing apps through iTunes means regulation. The upside, of course, is the hope that Apple maintains a stringent standards that application developers must meet in order to publish an application. The downside is that not every application becomes available. Specifically, if Apple or AT&T;doesn't want an application on the phone, or on the network, you'll never get it. Letting anyone create an application and install it does create problems. One only needs to observe the Palm ecosystem. There are good applications and bad applications. Third-party resources like forums and reviews from credible web sites (this one for example) go a long way towards solving this problem. To summarize, it's the age old argument; sacrifice time and let me decide or sacrifice control to let someone decide for me.
  • Xapplimatic, you really don't believe that published specs are always correct do you? Remind me again why you think Dvorak lost all credibility. Is it because the phone is out and it lasts for several hours? Beeblebrox, Timemachine looks pretty original to me. Seems like a descent combination of rsync and svn. Ben Hall, "I like the way linking to vehement pro-apple writers is tried as an argument that the slavering-at-the-mouth anti-apple writers are just dandy." I just can't figure out what this means. I also agree with the, "not linking to pageview trolls," see my previous comment. Looks like James R Stoup isn't going to reply to any of this article's comments.
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    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • Wait, you're claiming that Dvorak, they guy who predicted Apple's move to x86 years ahead of everyone else, gives bad advice? Speaking of due diligence, the links you provide do nothing to prove your point. "Apple Should Pull The Plug On The iPhone" I fail to see how this is evidence, the iPhone hasn't been released yet. Do you know something we don't? So he has an original opinion that differs from yours. "Will Apple Adopt Windows?" Either you've been spending too much time with your new friend Enderle or you just don't know anything about computers. No, Apple didn't drop OS X, they just allowed you to run Windows on the Mac. Another call way ahead of it's time. On to Thurrott, and again with the links. "Steve Jobs’ “Open Letter” was really a trick" Did you actually read this article? What he's saying is true! Even Bill Gates complained about DRM before Steve Jobs. Thurrott was a little too short sighted to see that Apple was dropping DRM all-together, but I don't see how you can claim inaccuracy. This really is way to long to be a comment, but I refuse to put this in my blog and drive traffic to such a poorly written article. I don't know much about the other people mentioned in this article, but I'm beginning to wonder.
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    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • I don't own any type of iPod and don't own a Mac. From what I understand normally you can't copy music from an iPod to the computer. Does this mean with simple shell commands we can work around this?
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    A Look Inside the iPod Shuffle