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  • Aug 29, 2007
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  • I used eMusic for a couple of months. I found it very hard to find tracks that I was interested in. If your interests lie in more obscure tracks and less mainstream recordings, eMusic is for you. Don't expect to find the latest hits by the top artists.
    sandrino had this to say on Aug 09, 2007 Posts: 3
    eMusic: Digital Music As It Should Be
  • Apple Care has saved me trouble and money on several occasions. I rather deal with Apple under warranty than having to track the RAM vendor, ship the RAM back and getting a replacement. That being said, I have used many times too and they are a great resource. I recently added 4GB RAM to my desktop and I got it through Deal RAM. I would not have bought that much RAM from Apple, it would have cost way too much money. Sometimes price is more important than convenience and if you are going to purchase RAM for an existing Mac, Apple is not the way to go. However I didn't purchase the RAM from the cheapest vendor either. I rather pay a little extra to make sure that when I have a problem, I won't have to go through a big hassle to get a replacement or get stuck with bad RAM. The great advantages of buying Apple RAM and Apple Care are the convenience and peace of mind. Sometimes saving yourself trouble is more important than saving some money. If the only parameter was saving money, I'd build a Linux PC from scratch. Fortunately I have a life and I don't want to spend my free time under the hood of my Mac.
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    Shop Around for RAM Before Buying a Mac
  • I have purchased RAM from third parties in the past and I have come to regret it. When such RAM goes bad you have to deal with the third party to replace it. It can also be a real pain to figure out that the reason why your Mac has been crashing is that the RAM you purchased went bad on you. The RAM Apple sells you is very expensive but if it goes bad while under warranty, Apple replaces it no questions asked. Some people may want to pay a little more for the convenience and peace of mind provided by Apple warranty coverage.
    sandrino had this to say on Jul 18, 2007 Posts: 3
    Shop Around for RAM Before Buying a Mac