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  • Dec 23, 2007
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  • "My first question for you is: how do you use an iPhone with gloves on?" you file a lawsuit against apple for not having though of this for you, because god forbid your digits get a lil chilly... or you could simply not go outside.
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  • what crawled up your ass about the iphone chris? is it 'cause you're really gonna want one and this is your version of a temper tantrum? anyway, is it expensive? yes... is it really that expensive since it's really a pda/phone? no... do you or i really need a pda/phone regardless of the price? sadly no, even though we all love cool gadgets. what you are really pointing out is that cell phones are [bleepin] expensive and that the providers have been robbing us for years! regardless if you get the free p.o.s. with a contract or paying a few hundred for the latest and greatest phone.