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  • Dec 15, 2008
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  • Well Chris, that wouldn't be nice at all, but it's hardly the issue here. These so called new apps came with the iPhone from the beginning, not with the Touch. Of course I'd like them to be free, like you said, they were already written, it's the same underlying platform, how hard must have been to include them right? If these were all new apps for both the iPhone and the Touch, and then only the Touch users had to pay, well... that would be something to talk about. -- On a side note, I've noticed the Touch has gone from €299/€399 to €269/€369 since the keynote. Still waiting for the capacity increase in a few months so I can put my first gen nano to rest...
  • I'll have to stand with Apple on this one. People seem to forget that those are actual separate applications. Firmware upgrades are still free, they still include new functionality, but when Apple wants to sell new apps everyone just goes berserk now... The iLife example you gave just proves this point. I remember getting iLife '06 when I bought my iBook and then a few months later they started shipping '07 with the exact same model. Did I freak out about it? No, and no one really talked about it because it's that simple. Software moves on, and just because you get it with a new hardware purchase doesn't mean you're entitled for life with free "upgrades".
  • Bravo.