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  • Dec 15, 2007
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  • The sync engine - I just love it. Update anything here, and you get it everywhere. This is valid for traditional syncable data like calendars, contacts, etc., but also for any web-based data you can pull back into your Mac synced-client : I just cannot do without it ... which is why I also use .Mac for sharing calendars with colleagues and iDisk because I can never remember whether I left some file on my iMac at home or PowerBook at work (so I just leave them on the web). Pro business user, here : integration is well worth the rather more expensive price than cheaper or free, but non-integrated, solutions. Rup
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    Why Do I Use Apple's Apps?
  • OK, OK, it gets clogged up. But so do all other mice, admitedly less often. But is this slight problem not worth the effort, since MM gives us HORIZONTAL SCROLLING ? How oftend do I swear after a large Excel spreadsheet on a colleague's PC an no Mighty Mouse ! I actually have to drag the horizontal scroolbar ! Eviva Mighty Mouse ! Rup
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    Mighty Mouse Must Die!
  • Who placed the order for the first 50 Apple I's ?
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    April 7, 1976: Steve Jobs Gets Crucial $5000 Loan
  • Greg (n° 24), "Basically, could .Mac become an umbrella service that integrates backup, iChat remote desktop access, file access, group iCal, and iPod file movements?" Once again, is this not simply what OSX Server does ?
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    .Mac Needs to Be Radically Retooled
  • What you are really talking about, Greg Alexander, is an online offering of a Mac OSX Server account for each Mac client machine sold physically. This would automatically synchronize your home directory to Apple's server (included in OSX Server for MacBooks) - this, of course, includes email; and just imagine the services for the equivalent of .Mac Family Accounts (or Entreprise Group accounts) : shared everything (address books, calendars, LDAP servers, etc.) Of course, then there's the bandwidth problem ... Anyone else offer low-priced OSX Server hosting services ?
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    .Mac Needs to Be Radically Retooled
  • Excel is the only reason why I need to keep M$ software on my Mac, or use a PC. If numbers is good enough to replace Excel, it will, however, also need to be really complete for me to be able to exchange files with PC-MS-Excel users ...
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    Is the Killer App Dead or Will Apple's Numbers Revive It?