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  • As important as the iPhone's awesome interface, the innovation that will mark the most the years to come is the integration of OS-X inside a component that's small and relatively cheap (probably around $100 for CPU + ROM) as it prefigures a whole new generation of smart, or "brilliant", devices that all communicate with each other. It might seem ironical to notice that at a time when Apple is dropping the "Computer" from its brand name, the company is starting to instill a computer in even the tiniest of its products. But don't get it wrong: in fact, the "Computer" wasn't dropped; it simply became transparent. And that's really powerful.
  • Are you the kind of guy who gets golden plates and a trim job or a new stereo every year for his car? I bought a new Mac every 3 or 4 years for the past 20 years, plus the occasional one in-between. They come with the latest system and tons of up-to-date software, and I always hook up a backup disk. Who said you needed to get all the junk you're talking about to be a good disciple? Just buy a Mac and be happy. Until the next one.
    Pierre Saslawsky had this to say on Oct 21, 2006 Posts: 4
    The Cost of Apple Discipleship
  • Your appreciation of the 68000 is very misguided. The 32-bit registers, 32-bit addressing and especially the orthogonality of the instruction set were making it a clear winner at the time, as well as a precursor in modern microprocessor architectures. For several years, Microsoft's engineers were releasing beautiful applications on the Mac but could not come up with even a half-decent Graphical User Interface on PC, in part because the x86 chips were inefficient and impractical.
  • You should make the distinction between what people use at home and what companies install in their offices. The trend started in Europe where 10 european countries have adoption rates for FireFox that are higher than 20%, and 2 countries higher than 30%. As time goes by, we might see the same trend in computers: companies will continue to use Windows because of low prices and legacy applications, while more and more families and individuals are going to switch to the Mac because it fits their needs at home better. Same goes with vehicles, clothing and furniture. What companies give you to fulfill your job (be it pick-up trucks, grey desks and Windows PCs) isn't necessarily what you'd want at home.
    Pierre Saslawsky had this to say on Dec 27, 2005 Posts: 4
    Firefox Sets The Bar For Mac Adoption