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  • Sep 16, 2006
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  • All i want is Apple to badge a set of hardware and let me decide what i want to build. I'm not asking them to support everything like Windows tries to do, just let me build an AMD based system that runs OSX! PLEASE! Or hell, build one yourselves, and do like the man above says and make it open so we can add a ton of ram, more than 2 HDDs, a 2nd processor if we feel like it, new grpahics cards (both big players now have unified drivers, so you can plug just about any nvidia or ATI card in and OSX will recognize it...) They can still build their beautiful computers and keep innovating, nobody is going to stop them from that. And seeing OSX for PCs doesn't mean Dell will be shipping it next week.
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    Do you want OS X with that PC?
  • I just hope they continue the trend of having 4 x16 PCI-E slots and don't do what every other PC Mobo maker is doing and loading down motherboards with almost useless 1x or 4x slots. Who cares if they only run at x4 or x8 speeds, video cards are currently only made in x16 slots, and that was one of my biggest appeals for a G5 (if the Intel MacPros remove these i'll probably find a used G5 just to be able to run more than 2 displays). I get really sick of being expected to pay premium prices for high-end PC motherboards, when they leave little-but-very-important things like that off.
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    Apple's Next Pro Mac
  • I cannot believe nobody has mentioned the font and color pickers...every blog article i have read has left these out, along with Finder these are teh two most annoying things i have about my Mac. Oh, and the fact that you can't use Applescipt to easily automate the database backups of AddressBook, iCal, etc. C'mon, what's that, like 3 minutes of work?!
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    12 Things I Hope to See in OS X 10.5, Leopard