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  • May 03, 2006
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  • This article is so absurdly written that many of the facts are twisted to give ITune the so called better usability for the user. As posted by leaf, iTune is the one that tie down the choice of mp3 players for the users. You can only play songs downloaded from iTune on iPod where as you can play Napster songs on vast variety of players. If you don't want to pay the subscription for unlimited songs, you can buy songs from Napster just like iTune. Then you will have full right of the music till death. Napster simply give user more options to how they want to listen to music than iPod. I don't know why there's even an argument on how one prefers iTune because you can buy songs without paying monthly fee. Hello?! Napster does the same and more! Clearly, Mr. Wright is not as techno-savy or open minded as he should be.
    orange had this to say on May 03, 2006 Posts: 1 "Free" -- Can It Now Compete With iTunes?