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  • Jan 21, 2010
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  • I too have jumped on the Windows 7 PC hayride hoping to experience something great. Being an XP user who finds Vista silly, I was disappointed to see Microsoft is still using GUI design that is found at the dollar store. I was hoping for a little more industrial and/or serious looking face for Windows 7. As far as performance, I can't really tell if it is much faster than Vista. I've been told that is installs much faster than Vista, which must be great if your plans are to continually install Windows 7. I see the same minutiae of dialogs and "helpful" message still occur. Drivers repeatedly load when ever you attach something. Once is enough! Maybe I'm missing a control panel setting, why does Windows remove and add drivers depending on what you connect to your computer, be it jump drives, hard drives, mice, cameras, etc. You know what, screw it. Microsoft don't change a thing. Keep up your great work of mediocracy, you'll do just fine.