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  • May 15, 2018
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  • The Nano is reeaaaally sexy but it simply doesnt' have the storage I need. In a few years, when flash memory technology has advanced, a product like this will be golden.
  • $5-10 would be a good price. Any more and netflicks makes more sense, or going to blockbuster down the street. A ViPod would be awesome, but the drive would need to be HUGE. I already have more than 20 gigs of music, and videos will take up much more room than a simple song. I'm sure many users will not only want to put downloaded movies on the pod, but home movies as well. Also, I dont download music because I enjoy the full package (the case, the real artwork, the lyrics, the disc). I am the same way with DVD's (minus the lyrics lol). For me to want to download the movie the price would have to be considerably cheaper. Keep in mind it will be compressed and not the full DVD quality. Crazy.
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    The Video iPod Cometh
  • I ended up buying the dell 20'' widescreen monitor for a little over $400 (with coupon codes i found online). That is MUCH cheaper than the Apple counterpart. I bought this display for use with my Mac mini. I agree that if apple made smaller displays people would snag the mini, the display, and the keyboard/mouse for $900. I would have. Oh well.
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    Apple Monitors: The Price Problem
  • My initial draw to .mac was its integration into iPhoto (the homepage feature). I liked being able to instantly upload my albums without having to manually resize images and create thumbnails. I know there are other services like flickr but I liked the clean look homepage created. This adventure only lasted as long as my 60 day trial as I could not justify the $100. When I get my new powerbook for school I may invest in it to help keep my two computers syched. We'll see.
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    What's Wrong With .Mac and How to Fix It
  • Gooood point. I dont mind having to use virtual pc at all. Another thing- viruses, spyware, and ads. Although almost irrellevant to a mac user, these are 3 things that windows users (including myself before I got my mac) grudgingly have gotten used to. I dont want to see these things starting to work on my Mac. The whole idea of windows apps working on the mac OS makes me sick, please....stop this haha.
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    Project Red Box: Bad Idea