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  • May 21, 2007
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  • Why is paying $50 a month to talk wirelessly so much worse than paying $50 a month to talk on a land line? Seriously. My roommates and I all have cellphones, but no landline, because there's no reason for it. Even my parents are considering getting rid of their landline, because they never make calls on it. It's a glorified answering machine. And since telemarketers rarely, if ever, make calls to cellphones, that's another annoyance they don't have to worry about. The biggest boon of all? I don't have to change my phone number. Ever.
  • I'm with the first commentor -- I thought I was pretty young at 21. My first system was a Macintosh Plus that my dad bought for my mom, so that she could write her Masters' thesis. I think he got it in around 1990. We used it until they could afford to upgrade 1997, at which point we swapped to a Quadra 605. That beast hung around until my dad decided that "Apple was dead in the water", and he came home with a shiny new Tiny computer running Windows 98. This began the long string of largely awful and unmemorable corporate Windows boxes that paraded through the house. Then, last summer, I bought a shiny, new Macbook. My dad used it once -- he was hooked. Within three months, he'd gotten matching MBs for my mom and sister, and discharged the two XP boxes, in favor of a beautiful pair of 20" c2d iMacs. The power of Apple: it's a beautiful thing.
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