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  • Jan 05, 2008
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  • My brother came to the the same conclusion In the market for a new laptop he wanted to switch to an Apple but once he realized that for the price of a Mac he could purchase a new Windows notebook and desktop machine he simply couldn't justify the cost.
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    How Will Apple Handle a Recession?
  • I’ve know a number of people who use non-Apple MP3 players. When I ask why they didn’t buy an iPod they generally give one of following two reasons. 1) iPod’s cost too much. They were able to buy a mp3 player for under $40 U.S. 2) They hate iTunes for Windows. Having used iTunes in Windows I would agree that it’s bad when compared to Windows Media Player or VLC Player. If I was going to base my decision to buy an Apple computer based on iTunes for Windows I would have never switched.
  • 99% of PC users will only migrate to Visa if and when they buy new computers. There won’t be any confusion over which version of Vista to use; it will simply be what ever is loaded on the machine by the manufacture.
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    Vista Helping OS X
  • They have it's called lightning. Rummored to be the new power source for Microsoft's iPod killer.
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    Review: Xantrex XPower Pocket Powerpack 100
  • This may be the best time in years for Mac to pickup more market share but I see a dark cloud slowly gathering over the Mac world too. Most people that I know switched platforms to get away from viruses and spyware. With all the recent talk of Mac viruses they’re now worried that their Mac’s will end up being trashed just like their old Windows machine and I’m now being asked if they should buy an anti-virus application for their Mac. It doesn’t make any difference that the viruses are impotent; it’s the doubt that’s been planted, OS X may not be any safer than a Windows. This is what could slow sales. I have to wonder if anti-virus software companies seeing that sales would drop as more and more customers move to Apple are hyping the Mac virus threat to plant a seed in the minds of Window users that they need to buy a anti-virus application for OS X too.
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    Year Of The Mac?