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  • Oct 04, 2007
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  • Number one and two are the biggest reason. The others don't add up to anything even worth discussing. For many people, using a computer means email and the internet. That's it. Add that they were raised on windows, and they have no reason to switch. Too much work for too little gain. I've seen several people who use their computers extensively switch to a mac however and are very happy. No one's saying a windows box is awful (except for me), and for some people windows may be preferred, but I'm confident side by side with everything equal most would pick a mac. If you want the cheapest, go with windows. Some people love mcdonalds. Nothing wrong with that. One side note, apple has its annoying idiot fans. So does windows. Beeblebrox is an perfect example. They're best ignored. " If you use Word and Photoshop exclusively, you will find absolutely no diff between platforms. " I've used photoshop on a mac, a windows box, and a mac running windows, and a windows box is by far the worst experience. It's not even close. "One of them even says that Macintosh is the new Scientology. By bobfreen" Then your friends are morons. Honestly, I read your comment and the whole time thought to myself that nothing you're writing sounds based on reality, as if you were making it up as you went, maybe a mac hater trying to sound unbiased (I've tried both etc.). Then you lost it with the last statement. It shows either you're full of it or you couldn't quite make it through your speech without showing your true colors. Back on topic, and too close, I really hope apple doesn't try to make large in roads on windows. BMW sells far few cars than ford, yet side by side most would pick BMW. Let them have their fords. I like the leather seats in my BMW.
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    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch