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  • Dec 12, 2007
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  • It's an easy solution for where I live.. everybody's got gloves like these ones = As far as working temperature condition for your iPhone.. hmm the actual unit will work (take calls) way under those limits; it's the touch screen that will have problems being precise.
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    iPhone Bytes
  • We still buy iPods year after year because that's the human way of doing things. We want the latest and greatest and frankly I wouldn't be stuck dead with a 1st Gen iPod, neither would Steve! They WERE great products but now are obsolete for a reason. It's like saying that my 1958 RCA Television still works great why change it? Well for starters, I want color, I want more scan lines, I want a flat screen.. no no no better yet a Plasma, yeah! Gimme HD! See? So when the next generation iPod, iPhone or iDevice comes out, expect the masses to run out and get one, YOU and ME included ;) Mac
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    Do We Only Buy iPods Because Our Poop Stinks?