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  • Oct 12, 2007
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  • I'm getting an iPhone next week in Canada. My brother has had for a week now and it works great on Rogers, except for the Visual VoiceMail option. I can't wait either and knowing that it will take only an hour or less to set up the software patch is a great incentive :) Insane Seb
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    Adventures in Technology: Buying an iPhone in Canada
  • I think it's great if Apple starts dishing out pro apps like FCP and Motion to counter the competition. All mac users will follow what Apple puts out because it will be that much better (FCP VS premiere pro or AVID)... I can't wait till all my main pro apps are all Apple designed to run on my machines. Let's hope this happens. MacGomez
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    Is Apple Building A Photoshop Replacement?
  • Anyone remember the powerpad introduced by Nintendo a decade ago or more..? Now that was exercise. The Wii is amazing, I have one myself and have pumped my heart quite a few times playing it but this is nothing of extraordinary coming for a great company like Nintendo -- as Macglee said - evolutionary!
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    Should Apple Do a Wii?