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  • Jan 06, 2006
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  • Talk about Linux community arrogance is ironic, considering that I (and many others) have asked Apple on their Quicktime forums on numerous occasions in the past for even an ABSOLUTE BASIC Quicktime client. I didn't even care if they actually supported it or not (and I said as much), I just wanted to be able to view the various Quicktime exclusive content that is so common on the net. I've never seen a response to these requests. Now don't get me wrong, I think that lack of response is just fine because Apple is an independent company that is and should be free to do (or not do) whatever it wants, but I am also free to do what I want, and I hope people don't expect me to drop Linux just because Apple thinks that I am not worthy of support or even acknowledgement. Anyway, not having an official Apple quicktime (or Microsoft Media) client is fine, I just use MPlayer ( And not having an official Apple iTunes client is fine, I simply bought a very nice non-Apple Linux-supporting MP3 player ( and I buy my music in CD form and from independent non-DRM'd MP3 vendors like Linux users like me will get by without Apple, just as we have always gotten by without Microsoft. If that hurts Linux's chances at dominating the world's desktop so be it. I happen to think we're doing well enough without them.
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    When Will Apple Notice Linux?