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  • Feb 03, 2007
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  • I just look at vista..I was surprise that it was so similar to XP ..it look like a better Xp..maybe the good stuff was deeper in the os like security or other thing..the graphic was almost too much ..so much is going on ..it is a beauutiful os but it's like looking into the sun ...too much bling bling...I think it is problaby an improvement from XP but I stop using window for 4 years now and I'm very comfortable with the mac os...But for people who have window this a good upgrade..I don't think Apple has anything to worry about.. they should just keep making thing better ....
    gogoapple had this to say on Jan 31, 2007 Posts: 3
    Why Apple Really Needs to Do Something Special Now
  • FOE !!!! For sure....I have been noticing that everytime I wanted to by an Ipod at Best buy they go out of there way sell me a different MP3 player telling me Ipod are bad and Creative is what I need or some other .....it has happen to me in 3 different Best buy ..Sometime the Best buy Rep even told me that most of the Ipod are defective and only work on Mac and they don't work on PC because PC's use Wmv files....blablablabla..... I never told them that I'm a big Mac fan so I listen to all there lies and said nothing ...I will never buy Macs/ipod at best buy they don't understand macs or ipod at all....there all windows nerds in there lol...j/k Stay away from Best buy there are Foes!!! Try it yourself...!!!
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    Best Buy and Apple: Friend or Foe?
  • remenber microsoft thing what was it called the Amoeba ..no orogame...no, no,no its the orgami...I think ....yes....I still I have not seen anybody using that thing....have you ? where ? where is the orgami thing ..? where can see one and what does it do? ...If zune is anything like origami ..microsoft should stick to making software ..that is what they are great at..(right)........
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    Zune, The iPod Killer That Never Was