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  • mozart11... You are an embarrassment to Wolfgang Amadeus. Suggestion: Try this nick: Corporate-ass-sucker11. I suspect it might be available. But maybe not... as the world is over-populated with leeches of your ilk. Now in regards to the real issue here... Read this: http://www.hyperorg.com/misc/delamination.html
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    On Freeing Consumers, Innovators, and the iPhone
  • Want to know what the REAL bad news is? Every human on the planet willingly pays, and will willingly pay until they die, a minimum of $50 a month to talk wirelessly on a phone. You are hooked. And your kids are hooked. And here is the kicker: THE PRICE AIN'T EVER GOING TO DROP. Never. As in EVER! You are being sheared worse than any sheep ever alive. The cost of your phone calls per month is nowhere near 5 cents or even .005 cents. How does that make you feel? Like you are being sheared or slaughtered? Go ahead and moo and baa like good little obedient farm animals and tell me I am wrong. The real pirates love it when you defend their profits. Oink oink.
  • Why do I need to run Vista at all? Because it is there? WTF? I have a hard enough time realizing the potential of my OS 10 operating system. It has got deep nuances I haven't even plumbed the depth of... The last thing I need is more obligatory MS bloatware to master... I mean really. And you want me to pay for the displeasure too? Go on... You are pishing me right? Pshaw!
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    AAM: Windows Virtualization
  • On the iPhone: It took Apple 30 years to make something I've got absolutely NO INTEREST in buying. If Apple doesn't make a true video ipod soon, someone in China will. The factories are obviously ready to go. And that device will REALLY "cannibalize both the iPhone’s market and the existing video-enabled iPod market."
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    Has the iPhone Killed the Video iPod?
  • Beeblebrox, Front page of my business section today: "Apple spokeswoman calls iPhone suit 'Silly.'" Which means basically Jobs said it was "Silly." Which by default must mean the iPhone brand has particular value for him. After all if it didn't, Jobs' wouldn't have been negotiating over it right up until the keynote. Also-- notice he does not call Apple TV "iTV." Why not? Because unlike the Mac, unlike the iPod, and unlike the iPhone he has not invested any of his life blood into it. Apple TV could just as well have been made by John Sculley (or Billy Gates). It is not going to change anything. Books aren't going to be written about it. It is mundane: Sub-sub-sub Herculean. A Zune dressed up in a zoot suit. In other words: It is not worth fighting over.
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    The iPhone is Great But What About The Rest?
  • Yes Beeblebrox. But he obviously doesn't like that name. The group of developers who worked on the Mac came to regard that name with intense affection. That's why he fibbed and told them he has secured the rights. Morale was slipping at that momoent. Similarly, I suspect, the group of developers on the iPhone came to refer to their creation with just as much intense affection. Ergo: He wants that name badly. He may be willing to pay whatever Cisco demands. We shall see... [Note: another interesting historically correspondence: the first two rows of Flint Center at De Anza Jr. College were filled with the close group of developers when the Mac was introduced in 84. I read that the first few rows of the Moscone Center had the iPhone team in them.]
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    The iPhone is Great But What About The Rest?
  • A name change: The iPhone henceforth to be called the xpod or something like that... If anybody read my post #13 here: http://www.applematters.com/index.php/section/comments/confessions-of-a-steve-jobs-zombie/ then you know I think history is pretty much repeating itself,-- albeit with a twist. Jobs in '83 told the super-tight group working on the mac that he had secured the rights to the name "Macintosh." It was a outright lie. He had not. He told them that to increase morale. Then...went out and secured the rights later with a huge sack of wampum. He has made the same errors leading up to the iPhone announcement. Admit it: Jobs can sometimes be one brilliant dummy. Securing the iPhone rights is going to be a tad more testy a thing than it was back in the 80s. I see it this way: He pays enormously through the nose for the naming rights, or he loses a legal battle, or he changes the name. In short: Xpod... Xpod... Or some such similar....
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    The iPhone is Great But What About The Rest?
  • WAWA and Nathan... Those were nicely written rebuttals to my post. Gentle and well-reasoned. Don't get me wrong: the iPhone indeed changes everything, just as the first Mac changed everything. Jobs has yet again, as he was wont to say in the 80s, "put a dent into the universe." Cell phones will never be the same. That's a given. Everything else out there now looks like a bulky, shit-brindle Zune. Or if you will: like an IBM Peanut (if your memory goes that far back) next to a Mac SE. My angst stems from not what this device is-- but what is SHOULD have been. Like the first Mac this has all of Steve J's strong and weak points inherent within it. Do you remember that the first Mac was basically a marketplace failure? Not enough memory. No slots. No software. Do you remember disk-swapper's elbow? Do you remember the falling Mac sales numbers? Do you remember that few could afford it? Those were the Mac's initial failures. And rightfully we can lay those failures on SJ: He said no slots. He bungled the software packages and insisted on a closed architecture. But also... regarding that first Mac: It was beautiful was it not? It was gloriously simple to use was it not? It changed everything... did it not? See what I am getting at? The iPhone is just like the first Mac. I am pissed because I see the SAME mistakes being made. I am pissed because I realize I am going to have to wait through upteen interations of the iPhone (just like we had to wait through a dozen different Macs) until someone finally gives me what I want. For beginners: I don't want sign a two year contract. With anybody. Ever. I want to be able to access and READ web pages COMFORTABLY. On the sofa. In bed. On the lounge in the back yard. Without burning my lap. Without having to plug in. Without having to struggle with a machine's weighty carapace... That's what will change my life. Anything else... is mere yakety-yak and yadda yadda yadda. Or if you will: A cell phone splashed with sugar water. Mere iCandy baby...
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    Confessions of a Steve Jobs Zombie
  • You sensed the field distortion from within? Well done young man. Congratulate yourself: Real zombies don't have that sort of consciousness. Being able to separate yourself from crowd consciousness is one of the highest human skills. Very few have it. That's why there were Nazis. That's why some people still think they can win in Iraq... In the meanwhile... A question to the zombie masses: How many movies you reckon you can store on a 8 gig iphone? And are you really going to read the NYTimes on that thing? Yeah right. Sure you are. Listen: Why not offer the device with more memory, wifi, and NO phone? Why not offer the device with more memory, wifi, and a bigger screen that you can take to bed with you and browse the net? I am thinking of Sony's ebook reader empowered with iphone wifi OS-10 talents... THAT'S THE DEVICE THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. (not some little peckerwood phone device that will make it easier to drive and dial and crash into pedestrians and cyclists. One might as well sell sugar water...)
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    Confessions of a Steve Jobs Zombie
  • Something else to think about: Does coolness have a six month shelf life? The wait time is enormous. No... The wait time is ridiculous. Lots can happen in the tech world between here and then.
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    iPhone Reaction: Slick but Unwanted?
  • This is blatant hagiography. Steve Jobs NEVER considered the cash drain on his parents as a reason to quit school. Rather he INSISTED on being sent to an expensive private college in Portland Oregon (Reed). It was either Reed... or he wasn't going to school at all. Jobs was a spoiled young man. His adoptive parents would do nearly anything for him and his similarly adopted sister. Who he is today... I don't know, but lets not sugar coat his past. In other words: Jobs is no different than any of us: he is full of human flaws.
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    December 30, 1972: Jobs Drops Out of College
  • Nicely written Chris... Very crisp, with lots of snappy sentences. I liked this: "Steve, really, go slap some folks around and make it better, we need more shiny!" [Beam me up to Serentiy Scotty...] That captures the "all that glitters is eye-candy" just fine. Regarding this: "People were stunned by Expose window management (does anyone still use this?) and fast user switching is still a compelling (and cool looking) feature." I use the F11 key all time. I call it my: 'Clean-all-the-shit-out-of-the-way-NOW' key... Lastly... Here is what is left wanting in all the OS Big Cat genre: When my system gets hung... and it does when running Firefox often... I want an ALT_DEL_ESC key. In other words: A three finger salute that will call up FORCE QUIT without fail no matter how deep the infinte loop within infinite loop within infinite loop goes.... Fair enough?
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    Leopard Preview: Letdown or Return to Normalcy?
  • Origami isn’t one product, but a set of guidelines. Guidelines for designing an ultra mobile PC running Windows (XP for now). True enough. But it is too little too late. In other words: I keep thinking about the Nintendo DS Lite... With just a few tweaks Nintendo has an ultra mobile device running Linux for about $150. Emailing, web surfing, games, open office, wireless connectivity to one's future "G:drive." It is all there... with just a few tweaks. If there is any good news in all this for Microsoft it is that Nintendo doesn't really seem to understand the full possibilities of what they have wrought.
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    Microsoft's iTunes Killer: Origami
  • "Assuming that the iPod Hi-Fi is audiophile quality (and that is quite an assumption) then songs purchased from the iTunes store are going to sound fairly horrible when the iPod Hi-Fi exposes every flaw." Yeah but suppose you stuff your ears first with a pair of ipod socks?
  • You are doing a heck of a job Chris. No... seriously: Nice article.
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    Want to Marginalize the iPod? Ask Steve Jobs How!