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  • Jan 05, 2006
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  • adobe. hands down. after effects is the de-facto standard in 2D animation. photoshop is the standard in raster design. illustrator is the standard for vector art. imagine having full access to the patents on PDF...not to mention the apple type library. overnight, apple becomes the dominant player in design, print, video and web. they leverage adobe products to build new apps for consumers. it would ensure their health in a way no other purchase could match. what tools do you think build microsoft's website?
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    Who Apple Should Buy With Their $7 Billion
  • here's a fun theory... 1) steve has said that nobody wants an ipod-sized video player cause it's too small 2) using the itunes music store to sell music videos, video podcasts and later, movies seems inevitable 3) the ROKR itunes phone is lame what if the new video ipod isn't just a video ipod, but is basically the rumored iphone....an audio/video/cellphone combo? now you have a device which can make phone calls, sync to your address book, calendar, & itunes - plus it can play music videos, video podcasts, and later...full length tv content. such a device wouldn't cannibalize sales of regular ipods, since the addition of a phone would make it a very different product. it would also get apple into mobile video and after the lukewarm intro of the motorola ROKR, steve could stand up and say, "nobody has managed to integrate audio, video and communications technology into 1 device....until now." i'd buy one.
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    Handicapping the 12th
  • the irony too, is that the recording industry demonizes P2P for hurting artists deprived of royalties when in fact the labels themselves are doing most of the screwing. i remember how shocked i was when watching a "behind the music" episode to find out that a huge act like TLC actually saw a dime per CD in actual profits. 10 cents on $15? that's robbery. personally, i think itunes should make a push to get artists signed to itunes directly. this is already happening in japan where sony artists are striking individual deals with itunes for distribution. i think everyone, artists and fans alike would be better off with a direct distribution model and let's face it...isn't that why the RIAA is freaking? they're worried that their the dinosaur, which they undoubtedly are.
  • what apple needs is a mini-tower for people who are afraid of getting locked into a all-in-one like the imac. imagine a much smaller footprint than the G5, but with 1 processor, 2 PCI slots and a replaceable video card. price it around $1400 or in combo with a 20'' cinema display for $1999. that would still price it below the entry level powermac but several hundred dollars above the imac. i think with a slim, elegant G5-ish design it would sell very well. that would leave mac mini on the low-end, imac and mini-tower in the middle (depending on the need for slots) and powermac on the high end.
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    Does the Mac Need a New Model?
  • what is really infuriating about this is that the record companies have had a virutal monopoly on distribution since the birth of vinyl. despite early assurances that CD prices would fall, the prices today are only slightly lower than they were a decade ago despite the fact that actual production and CD costs have plummeted. record companies complain that piracy is robbing their artists of rightful profits, and i'm sure that's true....but the labels themselves do a lot of raping too. take the average $14 CD. the actual pressing of the disc plus all packaging and printing costs less than $1 per copy. the artist is luck to see 10-20 cents profit per unit. that leaves more than $12 profit for the label on a $14 cd. exactly who is the pirate here?
  • sounds like a great headphone...but $150, ouch. i suppose it all depends on your priorities. i have a $50 pair of sony fontopia EX-81 headphones which are a dramatic improvement over the apple earbuds, but only cost around $50. the EX-71's can be had for even less. just my take on things...
  • ichat has a lot of potential, but as you say, it has too many prerequisites. instead, it should focus on helping users balance their multimedia needs against their available bandwidth. my idea, basically, is that ichat would show you a real-time graphical representation of your available bandwidth. maybe it's a bar graph. maybe a pie chart. whatever it is, as you choose your audio and video options, you would be able to SEE how much bandwidth you're using and when you're over the limit. like itunes, ichat should start with some basic presets for dialup or broadband, video size & quality & audio quality. these basic settings should be editable so you can save custom settings which work best with your equipment. if ichat could be more flexible...it would be useable for a much larger selection of the mac OSX user base and by extension, more relevant in the marketplace. for that to happen, apple has to unlock the door and open ichat to 3rd party cameras and focus on making the tricky task of balancing options vs. bandwidth as easy as choosing some presets. david r.
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    The iChat AV Resurrection
  • i think apple's course is outlined very clearly in the form of the ipod nano. after all, why would apple scrap its best selling ipod for a new model that, because of its solid-state memory, has a lower profit margin and smaller capacity than the model it is replacing? because it wants to gain traction in the design and sale of flash-based consumer products. it's partnering with samsung and buying a large percentage of their total memory allocation. why? for just the nano? i don't think so. those same components could be used to create a whole line of new products. imagine a video ipod as thin as a nano, but with a very familiar clickwheel interface. imagine a wireless webpad running a slimmed down version of OSX in a wafer-thin formfactor that will shame every other "tablet" on the market. the possible uses are endless. eventually, when cost and size permit, i think we will see the end of the traditional laptop hard drive...but not anytime soon. the first applications will be devices...and i'd bet we'll be seeing them in the very near future.
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    Flash Based Laptops, Sooner Than You Think
  • the weakness of all tablets to date is that they try to replicate the functionality of a laptop, so what you get is a laptop with a touch screen. this is the wrong paradigm. as with the ipod, the tablet must be an extension of your mac, not a replacement for it. to this end, i'd think an apple tablet should 1) provide access to all your major desktop apps....mail, safari, ical, address book, calculator, stickies, etc. 2) though a high-speed wireless connection, you can access music through itunes, images through iphoto & movies through imovie 3) tablet can be wireless remote for keynote, itunes & even ipod 4) tablet can integrate with new apple consumer products like a new itunes movie store or DVR/media playback device now the tablet extends the usefulness of the iapps and the mac. it ties together your entertainment system with your computer and yes, you can do some kinds of office stuff to....but it's not about word processing. it's about access to digital information and control of all our various gizmos. give me a carbonate shell with a large 6'' OLED or better yet, LEP plastic screen. minimal ports, great battery life & a pen-optimized OS with a focus on flexibility and customization. under $1000. oooh, baby!
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    Can Apple save the Tablet?
  • very interesting speculation! if intel did make a nextgen mac-only processor, i'd think we could assume a few things... 1) it would debut shortly before vista. what better way to steal vista's thunder and make it look even more like a cheap OSX knock-off? 2) we know rosetta does PPC to intel emulation. what if it can do more than this? what if it can do x86 to appleintel translation too. that would mean every copy of OSX 10.5 could essentially run basic windows apps under emulation AND also run older PPC apps too. that would kill 3) intel is free to do what it likes, because what is microsoft prepared to do? port windows to another processor? if intel wants options, working with apple gives them alternatives and will force microsoft to be more cooperative. 4) at first, apple would want any perceived or actual advantages to new hardware to be exclusive to the new macintel machines....but eventually there would be interesting possibilities for licensing. imagine a macintel inspiron or vaio! blesssed by intel. powered by OSX. 5) the possibility that fairplay apple DRM gets integrated into intel's chip-based DRM. the apple HD movie store anyone?
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    PowerMac on Intel, the Beast Cuts Loose