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  • Sep 05, 2007
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  • I couldn't agree more, I've been using it since Monday on my iBook no problem at all, as a matter I've been enjoying the improvement over version 2. There is this radio station I listen to on the web for several years, and i had one problem listening to it on a mac I constantly had to keep refreshing the station, (i've tried every browser on the mac platform) after listening to it on windows computer and never having to refreshing it, it was a welcome surprise for me when i started using the version 3 that i could listen to the station the way i did on a window's machine. Thanks apple and i can't wait for the continued improvement.
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    In Memory of Beta Software
  • "At any point in our history, we've had competitors who were better at doing something," it is to hear Bill himself say that other people made better products than microsoft made.
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    Bill Gates: Energizer Bunny of the Digital Age
  • I hope I win, never won anything before
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    Win A Mac mini and a miniStack
  • Well put, for the Mac platform to advance further we have to expect change. Some of these changes we're not going to like in the beginning. Trust that Steve has our best interest at heart.
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    Should The Mac Zealots Just Shut Up?