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  • Oct 16, 2008
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  • I can't wait to my contract with ATT is done July 1, 2009. The 3G plan is $10 more each month to offset the lower priced phone so you are paying $440 for the new iPhone. Of course I did not include taxes and other charges that may be associated with the new service. I'll be sticking with my first generation iPhone.
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    The iPhone 3G is great, but Is It "Lineworthy" Good?
  • I know how about buying Leopard and using it and seeing if it is not the best version of Mac OS X to date. I have had chance to play with a recent build and I have to say it is refined, quick and has many subtle and welcome improvements that make it a joy to use. Big splashy "features" tend to be like Spaces, something most people wont even use. The Mac has always been about ease of us and an intuitive environment to work (or play) in. Leopard has brought that principle to a new high level.