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  • Feb 16, 2008
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  • Paul Howland NAILED it in comments #4 and 5. When SD 5 was released, there was nothing in the text on Yazsoft's Web site about this upgrade that mentioned Macheist bundle purchasers or that they weren't eligible for a free upgrade. I upgraded to SD 5 and found my serial number didn't work. When I emailed Yazsoft about this, their response stated that Macheist purchasers weren't eligible for a free upgrade. There was NO warning about this on the firm's Web site when I downloaded SD 5. Fortunately, the upgrade process merely moved SD 4 to my trash; I reinstalled it and swore not to trust Yazsoft so easily again. At best, someone at Yazsoft really screwed up: Macheist sold over 10,000 bundles. Yazsoft should have stated an explicit upgrade policy for Macheist purchasers before or while releasing SD 5. I'm sure I wasn't the only MH buyer who suffered that "gotcha." FWIW, I also made the mistake of having SD automatically integrated with my Web browsers when I installed SD 4. Safari absolutely refused to open when I did that. After I unchecked the automatic integration, Safari started up just fine. Bottom line: iGetter's a better, less intrusive program and the people who developed it aren't weasels.
  • The demo movie for Filegazer is pretty slick, I gotta say. I also think that having the ability to browse your hard drive's contents with Filegazer is a good complement to Quicksilver's use of finding a file/app by typing. Why not use both methods? Perhaps a later release of Filegazer could copy some of Quicksilver's features. Another casual thought: Filegazer reminds me of Snard ( http://www.gideonsoftworks.com/snard.html ), though with a few more features.
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    Filegazer, The StartMenu for OS X