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  • Oct 09, 2006
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  • I'd use my iTablet as a long promised, never delivered, final true replacement for paper. With an iTablet (or iPaper) at my desk I could jot notes and doodles as they come to me, then beam the ones I want to my computer. I go to a meeting and everyone there has their own iPaper with the agenda and notes there in their hands. What's that? You didn't get the agenda? Here, I'll beam a copy to you through the rudimentary but easy to use network that's been established automatically in this room. I flick my pen/finger and the document spins onto the icon that represents you. I take more notes. If the meeting is at the office, it beams straight to my server space, and if I'm out, it connects when I get back. I meet someone new, and I write a little squiggle, followed by their details, and it gets marked as an address to be filed correctly when I return to base. I get back to the office, and someone needed me while I was away, but instead of a pile of sticky notes on my keyboard, they've scribbled a note on their own iPaper and beamed it to my incoming notes holding area on my desktop. I don't feel like reading it now, but I pull them all on to my iPaper to check them over at home. It comes time for the bus ride home. I beam some reading onto the iPaper and stow it in my case till I get to the bus stop. I don't play music on it, as my iPod does that, but I'm making my way through some heavy reading, until I decide it's enough and flip to a classic novel instead. I don't use it as an all purpose organiser, although I could, as my computer and phone do that, but it sure beats all the paper I used to go through... Thus ends my dream, and I wake up to find my desk covered in mounds of notes and invoices, and hear the distant sound of a photocopier printing a hundred copies of another note to be read and screwed up and thrown in the bin by everyone in the office.
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    What Would You Do With An iTablet?