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  • Sep 06, 2009
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  • Eh, I dunno. Honestly for me personally. I am not terribly excited about the idea of cloud computing. I don't know if most common people are either. I mean seriously. Why would I want google to know about every app I use. All they would have to do is look at my server file and know everything I was doing that day. Maybe it doesn't really work like that. But, I would be nervous about any corporation being able to see the contents of my computing at a whim. In some ways it is already scary enough that even on Safari, one the better web browsers out there, that I can still get phished by a persistant hacker. Google might revolutionize the business world. Might. But, in all truthfulness thin clients would only seem useful in a corporate environment to me. Just because I can edit photos on Adobe's think client doesn't mean I want to. I just don't think anyone should be dependent on someone else for their computing (or other) needs.
  • Nor am I in debt, btw.
  • No offense intended Beeblebrax, but I think you are missing the point of the article. That is that Netbooks are not what MS and pc laptop companies tend to crack them up to be. It isn't the price of a Mac that creates or deters PC switching (I would know, I am a switcher.) It is the betrayel they feel, when they realize that MS and their partners put out low quality software and sometimes low quality hardware and then pretend like they did us all a favor. They do not do honest advertising. This what I think the writer is pointing out. It is the reason that Mac may just continue to gain market share and customers. Not because they are a perfect company who never puts out a bad product (because they have, imo.) But, because by and large you get what is advertised and often then some. So quit trying to just start an argument for the sake of it. If you like PC then that is cool. Just don't act like MAC users are people with tons of money that are uppity. Cause I am a total contradiction to that stereotype.
  • Honestly, I am cool with my white Macbook right now. I am waiting for Apple to integrate touch screen capabilities into their laptops. That will be worth me dropping the $$ on to tell you the truth. I will probably upgrade to snow leopard if I can afford it. But, I think the reality is that the people who get all excited about the unibodies will be crying when the next gen laptops come out with touchscreen capabilites and they can't buy one cause they just dropped $$ on their new unibody mac pro. If you don't think touchscreen is coming then why do you think the glass screen unibodies look strangely like the iPhone/iPod touch screen? Seems they are easing us into the look of a touch screen laptop.
  • You know Urban Bard I think you are exactly right.
  • I feel like I got this started in the wrong direction. That is my bad. My point is that I don't think that Windows 7 will really do anything significant to push out Apple.
  • Hey, I am a new user here. So, feel free to get me up to speed on forum rules and such. Anyhow I would have to agree with the others who have said Windows 7 isn't that amazing. I have it intsalled on my intel macbook and honestly I was disappointed to find that you can STILL change the passwords for accounts with the net user command! I seriously would have thought MS would have dealt with something like that by now.