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  • Jun 27, 2005
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  • Here's what I would like from .mac 1. Up the storage to 500 MB, that's all. E-Mails are not large and you shouldn't be sending files through email anyway. 2. Add some advanced features to homepage. Allow the use of your own domain name, add php and mysql support with a nice front end made by apple. 3. The ability to create iPhoto/Homepage templates with ease. I create the design, and plug in some {insert images here} template code. 4. Add a junk mail button into webmail. Have the ability to sync that info with your computer at home/work. I use webmail.mac.com when I'm at work because I am on a PC. 5. Get rid of iCards. 6. .Mac only articles and features. Get a staff (hire me for this) that evaluates new apps, shows off cool Apple tricks, tech support with an attitude...blog.mac.com or something. 7. Reward software developers for adopting the .mac sdk. Send them gifts or discount coupons.
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    What's Wrong With .Mac and How to Fix It