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  • Oct 20, 2006
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  • >1) Snobby >2) The “I’m better than you are” attitude >3) Everyone should buy a Mac/I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t have one >4) Mac is better than other operating systems in >every way ------- I find it difficult to accept that you are being completely serious here. Any of these attitudes by mac users would imho make them pretty dumb. Maybe there is a problem of perception on the part of PC users – the thing is most mac users know from experience that the mac is better, there are no lingering doubts, we’ve tried windows and we’ve opted for the mac platform. Where as PC users generally haven’t used a mac and accept a computer platform that just doesn’t work well. When these people talk to mac users, who not only don’t experience the day to day annoyances of windoze (sorry, just slipped out) but also seem to actually enjoy using their computers – we get reactions 1 to 4 that you listed. Also, there are many PC users that seem to spend all their time on mac sites either trolling or flaming. Even a basic understanding of human psychology will tell you that these people are compensating for something. This just doesn’t happen with mac users – why on earth would we hang out on a PC site just to give people a hard time. My .02 euros
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    AAM: Curious About the Mac Attitude