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  • Oct 26, 2007
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  • Camino for me was average too - until I downloaded a Core 2 Duo/Core Duo optimised version from a link in . Ever since it has been blazingly fast, faster than even Safari 3.0.2. Also, I have found that the 1.5.1 update to solve many of the issue you (and I!) had... However I agree with your negatives on the browser, but none are perfect. Currently I juggle Camino as my primary, Safari as 2nd choice and Firefox as 3rd.
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    Camino Browser: The Fifty Day Test
  • I was very underwhelmed. GUI changes...yay........I hate the dock as it is anyway (I use Cleardock), now it wants to take up more room? ......One more thing was Safari for Windows? Thanks Steve... I do like stacks, however I am a freak with a clean desktop all organised :D E
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    My First WWDC as a Switcher
  • Gmail is awesome, and yes I use it too Beeblebrox, but I would never use it if I would have any private/confidential information sent to me...the fact that Google never actually deletes an email and can look at any that you choose makes it a bit risky. My 2¢
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    Why I Stopped Using Mozilla Thunderbird
  • "i think it’s taking so long because apple wants to make bootcamp fully compatible with vista. " Check out the top story at macrumors (or the Apple site) - Vista now fully supported
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    What If There Are No Top Secret Features in Leopard?
  • I actually really like the new version EXCEPT that if you are playing something full screen, then a movie comes up in itunes, the whole system shuts down and I lose the screen until i can find a way to close it from the keyboard. Note I am using Virtuedesktops. It has also lost the library a couple of times. cancelling and restarting iTunes fixed the issue
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • I was talking to a university lecturer the other day and he told me that a major ISP in Australia still runs off Windows 95! They are familiar with all its programs and quirks and do not wish to upgrade. Case in Point.
  • There are also some great themes that you can use that do not need Shapeshifter i.e PillowTalk, Aqua Extreme, Smoothstripes and Iridium. Aqua Extreme is my favourite and is currently being used at the moment :D.
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    Customizing OS X -- Part 2: Themes
  • There's been no sighting of the ads at all in Aussie by me. We nevere seem to get the full Apple experience do we?
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    Macs for Stealing, PCs for Pie Charts!
  • I am so glad I live in Australia. Enough said. I know these things affect us to, don't get my wrong, but both parties get SO worked up over it. My suggestion - get a beer.
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    Is Big Brother on Your iPod?
  • I don't see how this case can be heard at all, or if it must, that it is levelled at one company alone, and not at ALL manufactures that make it so that the consumer has the "potential" to damage the ears. Also, I totally agree that it is about modifying behaviour. And i believe that this is something that should be heard, as it infringes on everybody's freedom to do to themselves what they will. How is this case different to taking 30 paracetamol tablets at once? Each has the "potenial" to harm, but it is up to the consumer's free will to "damage" themselves. However, if this case is set, then what precedent does it set? Can I sue Joe for damages because he mows his lawn every saturday afternoon? Though perhaps it's because I'm Aussie and don't sue everybody I can (hehe sorry for the generalisation US citizens!) In any case, this is going to be interesting...
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    NIH Studies iPod Hearing Risk